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  1. Perhaps we are being offered a glimse of the future with Boris in London. My honeymoon lasted longer than his
  2. P J

    No tickets.

    My neighbour went into the ticket office today but the 2 shop staff said there was nothing they could do for us. They also said they had other complaints about this too. When he phoned the club number he was told the tickets had been sent to the lottery agent but he hadn't delivered them. It really is a shoddy way to treat people. My little girl has been excited about this all week so I suppose I will have to stump up for tickets tomorrow but it will be the last penny they get from me.
  3. Perhaps he meant the employers were being exploited
  4. Yes welcome Warrington Conservative and thanks Peter whose above post reminded me that manners are important
  5. "Now that's a bit cruel PJ" Fair enough Baz but maybe a more mature Conservative candidate would have polled higher? What got my back up on here with Jonathan L's opening posts on here was that he wanted to be funded by a charity. He has since removed these references WC ( ) so you do not have the benefit of them. I do not give a fig for any political party and have gone from apathy to outrage in the last few years or so.
  6. "I have to say many people were very supportive of a young candidate *i had many positive emails and positive responses while canvassing" sadly for you though not many votes as you came in last despite the state of the Labour party
  7. "got stuck in a dress when i was trying it on" that happened to my hand once when I was much younger
  8. A while back a chap came round our estate asking people to go on the Warrington Lottery Scheme. It was just a pound a week and I said OK, as did my neighbour. The fellow then asked us which of the 2 games would we like 2 free tickets each for, Wakefield or Hull. We chose Wakefield and decided we would take our children, 6 and 7 to introduce them to Rugby League. Now the direct debits are coming out of my account each month and my card with my numbers has arrived but no tickets for either myself or my neighbour. Who would be the best person to contact to see what is going on?
  9. Think they realise that they can effect the former matter and are, alas, powerless to do anything on the latter. Let us not forget that we were the country, that in effect, put Mugabe in power. PS not quite bursting, I did see some empty spaces...maybe those not there were out doing a "foreigner". And more accurately you were the political party in charge of Britain when we put Mugabe into power
  10. How convenient, all these things can be used a sticks to beat Brown with, and deservedly so, but when things change basically nothing will change. Same old, same old.
  11. Or the effect of one G Brown's tax on pension funds......?100 billion I understand. So when you get in are you going to give it all back? Seeing as you seem to disagree with it so strongly.
  12. What an absolute disgrace. These greed driven self serving nobodies can have no sense whatsoever of the public outrage and anger at their grabbing antics. What is worse is when you read in the Times that Helen Jones was one of the M.P's behind this vote for legalised pillaging of the public purse for their own undeserving use. In politics it takes a lot to make me angry but this takes the absolute **** out of all that is decent.
  13. It would appear that our very own M.P. is part of a group of Labour M.P.s wanting to keep the disgusting Lewis list trough available for plunder http://timesonline.typepad.com/politics/2008/07/the-mps-who-wan.html
  14. They ought to be careful because if there is a rerun they would probably do even worse than in May
  15. Or perhaps the ghost of Ernie the Milkman and his horse
  16. I suppose the difference is that you donated them Observer you didnt have them taken from you in exchange for what somebody else told you they were worth.
  17. Errr,no,they are TAXI's,they don't have to be pre-booked,that's only for private hire. Really? All of them? always?
  18. should English people start to wear the colours of his opponents as he perported to do when England were last in the World Cup?
  19. P J

    Bewsey Old Hall

    Average people could not afford to live in this proposed development Observer, full stop.
  20. Absolutely correct Observer. The amount of food we used to waste was abhorrent but we have taken steps to avouid this, one of which is walking to the shops like my mum used to. That way you really do buy only what you need and cut right back on waste. We are lucky as we only live about a mile from an ASDA (sadly no local shops to choose from just the supermarket) but we have found that walking or getting the bus to the shops determines the way we purchase and must save us a fortune in unneeded purchases.
  21. P J

    Bewsey Old Hall

    But this was an "enabling Development" Observer, separate from the normal rules and regulations and it was still voted down by every councillor on the committee. They seem to be also making sure that this is the end of it and that no room for manoever will be allowed to the proposed develpers. And, had you seen the chap from Urban Splash's face and spoken to him and the man from English Partnerships you too would be doubting an appeal. Sorry if I sound like I'm gloating as I do not mean to.
  22. I truly feel that lot of so called"luxury items" will be the first to go now that most people are noticing the pinch. Gym memberships, sky subscriptions, days out in the car, all going to be cut back on. Even eating properly will be affcted to a large extent. Sadly I feel this is only the beginning too. Hate to be so downbeat but I have no alternatives.
  23. P J

    Bewsey Old Hall

    Contributing to the economic regeneration of the area and the enhancement of its environment (including other listed buildings) are community benefits. This surely is your attempt at humour. How the hell do 48 glass boxes improve upon a parkland environment? What economic regeneration? How do local people benefit? Perhaps they benefit by having their childrens reactions improved by them having to dodge a lot more traffic in what is already a traffic blackspot. But so are other less obvious ones, and presumably the main community benefit argued was providing a long-term solution to
  24. P J

    Bewsey Old Hall

    Neither English Partnerships nor Urban Splash represented themselves at the meeting Dismayed.
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