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  1. The lack of affordable housing is a national disgrace and disaster. You're right, we have built council/social housing before-so why can't we do it again? Seems the last two governments haven't seen it as a priority. Don't know who the consultant was, but Warrington clearly does have an oversupply of flats (apartmens are for americans). Flats in Bevan Court, Monks Place etc etc have lain empty since they were built, and a growing number every month are being repossessed and sold at auction. We don't have the same level of oversupply as Manchester or Leeds, but its still a problem. Private landlords don't just 'want' the rent to cover their mortgage by the way, a buy to let mortgage requires that the market rent is 125% of the monthly mortgage repayments.
  2. Now now Peter, we have a difference of opinion - that isn't grounds for belittling or bullying. I have lived and worked in London, the Midlands, the North and the States - with some of the most disadvanted, deprived and dangerous children - hardly a little bubble. My view is that parents and teachers should have the confidence and knowledge to manage children's behaviour without resorting to violence. Yours is to go straight to the violent response, even when its known to be pointless and unjustifiable. People hit children because its easy and it requires no brain power. We need to constantly be aware of research here and in other countries because we are failing a generation of children. Give teaching back to the teachers by scrapping all sats and league tables, give children back to their parents by reducing state interference and start protecting those most at risk. Not psychology or middle class - just common sense based on an english lifetime and in depth knowledge of child care abroad
  3. How long have you had this fetish obs?? Seems your answer to everything!
  4. No it didn't work last time, but I would imagine sharc's supporters will feel you have sold them down the river. All councillors have their own views, they're not clones and independents can often have a lot of clout as they can't be subject to the old three line whip. Look at Kingswinford. I can't decide whether you are using the conservatives, or they are using you? The Greens are true to their principles and refuse to get into bed with any of the main parties. I respect that immensley and their support grows steadily. I know what sharcs are against - but what are they for?
  5. I wouldn't dream of making adverse comments about people who decide to stand as independents. I think local democracy would be well served by the election of more independents. I apologise if you find 'Tory' to be a derogatory term. It was not meant to be-simply a quick reference-like lib dem instead of the full title. I really think you should have stood as a sharc though Stephen. Obviously you have your strategy, but I do think you would have had a far better chance as an independent. That's what many in ST would have welcomed.
  6. Ooh, careful Paul. Your petticoat is showing. Can't get the broadcasts to run Gary. How can I do it? Thanks
  7. Actually no. They eat sand to aid their digestion. They will lie flat when they sense danger, but with tremendous eyesight, the ability to outrun a leopard and the strength to kill a lion they can look after themselves!!
  8. But the stick doesn't have to include violence, that's all I'm saying. The countries that have concluded that violence towards children is not only futile but plain wrong are streets ahead of us in reducing youth crime, substance and alcohol misuse and suicide. I personally think its worth working hard towards a safer society than living in the past. (The ostrich is a beautiful and intelligent bird - the hawk is dumb and predatory! )
  9. Why look at Liverpool? Warrington has the highest 4* rating possible.
  10. Think that's already been tried! They were called sink estates! Trouble is folk will never pick up appropriate behaviour if all they see is the reverse. Police, cctv and real, supervised community service. I would rather see people who have done wrong doing something useful for the community and learning about the work ethic, not sitting around in jail then coming out having learned all sorts of new crimes to perpetrate.
  11. I would prefer more police and cctv that is actually on and monitored.
  12. Would have to say I have been very impressed with this site. Loads really quickly and easy to navigate. Have had 'page timed out' twice, but I get that with other sites too.
  13. Oh, ganging up on me eh!! I spent 20 years in teaching-mainly in south east london with 'maladjusted' or 'ebd' children. I continue to work in services to children. Audit report 2002 found that 75% of the young people who committed the most violent crimes were victims of substantial child abuse. These are not young people who would learn from physical punishment in a school. They have had a lifetime of it, which is where their violence stems from. Violence breeds violence. I also don't believe that 'the good old days' really existed in the way people like to think. I was dealing with children carrying weapons in the 70s and 80s. We are now more aware of it, partly because it sells newspapers and partly because this government wants to shift responsibility from its own failings onto children and families. Discipline isn't about being violent towards children. Its about creating a consistent and supportive environment. Must make one final point about the Human Rights Act. The UK was one of the two main authors and one of the the first countries to ratify it-in 1951. It is in no way an example of the UK being being 'governed' by Europe!
  14. It does worry me when people don't vote. I keep hearing 'you can't choose between the main parties these days' and 'they're all the same.' Well, those of us who have spent time listening, observing and analysing know very well they are patently not all the same. I will only vote for one party because their principles and policies are those that appeal to me. I would not vote for the other two parties because they don't reflect what I perceive as good governance. Perhaps those who constantly carp on about councillors only being in it for themselves and make totally unsubstantiated allegations of corruption should stand themselves. Being a councillor is time consuming and very hard work. And human nature being what it is, it is impossible to please all of the people all of the time. Mind you,the success of the Lib Dems demonstrates that more and more people must be trusting them to run the council!
  15. Yes Stockton Heath will certainly be an interesting one on Thursday. It will demonstrate whether all of the unrest has been led by a small but very intelligent and articulate group, or whether the sharcs really have the support of the community. Mind you, I don't think people will waste their vote on a tory.
  16. Bosses used to employ 'painful sanctions' to their workers- it 'worked' but we got rid of that. Men used to apply 'painful sanctions' to their wives-it 'worked' but we got rid of that. We then realised that it didn't work for pupils and it was ethically unjustifiable-by so we got rid of it. Come on obs, are we a society that needs to use violence against our children? I thought we were supposed to be civilised.
  17. I'm saying that teachers who are confident because they have been well trained will know how to manage the situation and employ a variety of strategies. It is real - I know! Most children (contrary to popular opinion), are lovely, decent and hard working. If the teacher has a good relationship with his/her pupils, the pupils will follow the lead of the teacher, not the disruptive pupil.
  18. Teachers aren't being told to 'ignore disruptive behaviour' obs, they're being encouraged to be sensible and treat each pupil as an individual. Its called 'planned ignoring' which means if you have a pupil who is 'playing to the audience' your planned strategy may be to ignore the behaviour (providing its not dangerous) so the pupil realises that their behaviour isn't getting them the attention they want. If proper behaviour support was given the emphasis it deserves schools wouldn't have so many problems, but due to 10 years of the government introducing testing, targets and more testing, many teachers don't teach - they only teach to the test.
  19. Not voting isn't much of a protest. It does mean of course that people can sit back and abdicate all responsibility with 'well I didn't vote for them!' Make your voice heard. Go out and vote, otherwise you have no right to complain! Also check out whether certain candidates are actually card carrying members of the party they are standing for, or people just trying to get elected at any price.
  20. Nick wasn't heckled. A guy asked a couple of searching questions and he received polite and decisive answers. If he was a plant from any other party he didn't do his job very well! The meeting was packed and people agreed that it was good to be able to ask questions direct to the party leader.
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