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  1. Just wondered what folks' views might be on this. I'm thinking of issues such as removing public funding for faith schools and reducing the influence of the church on debates about abortion - that sort of thing
  2. Didn't mean you personally Dis! Are you female?
  3. Wouldn't it just be easier to close the pubs and bars? Bridge street is on my walk to town and having to sidestep all the vomit is not pleasant!
  4. Its already closed off to private vehicles, unless you own a very small car that can get round the very mini roundabout in one go. Where are you thinkng it might be closed? Is this a safety measure?
  5. That's odd Joanna. Contact details for standing councillors will be on the Council website. Otherwise ring the distributor of the leaflet. It will be the party secretary normally. Hope that helps
  6. No, I have no role on parish or borough at candidate, councillor or officer level. As I said, I'm a party member and supporter-one of the foot soldiers delivering leaflets and canvassing. By fighting from the inside I meant joining a party, voting, attending public meetings, writing letters etc etc. Basically getting involved rather than sitting back and complaining. Who on earth do you think I am? I'm fascinated now! Give me a clue.
  7. Maybe I should have used opportunistic instead of transparent. I'm just injecting logic and perception into this this cosy little labour/conservative fistycuffs you have going here! (Fun isn't it?)
  8. If we don't believe results, what should we believe?? Where do your ideas come from then? the cornflakes packet?
  9. No prob Dismayed. Pleased to see we agree on something. I feel like rescuing the poor dogs and banning the owners from having animals for life. we used to have dog licences of course - they were seven shillings and sixpence. Like all licencing, there has to be an enforcement system or it means nothing.
  10. That was a bit transparent Dismayed! The issue is about Labour spin - something they invented and you are obviously adept at!
  11. That's devastating. Surely an anonymous call can be made to the police? I can understand the fear of getting involved but the community (and the poor dogs) need support. These individuals use dogs as status symbols and treat them appallingly. They train the dogs to attack just to make themselves look good-pathetic.
  12. Baz you really do clutch at straws to make your point-which is based (if based on anything) on a one off event that 'fits' your point of view. I can assure you that, having attended many Lib Dem conferences and been a party member for years, our strength is in our diversity. Indeed I think anyone who still believes that any of the three main parties can be defined by class are living in the dark ages.
  13. No. A small group of Christian Fundamentalist schools tried and failed to retain the use of corporal punishment.
  14. It was due to 10 years of excessive government borrowing that is in danger of bringing the country to its knees.
  15. Hi Joanna, and welcome. Every leaflet should have the candidate's phone number. Give them a ring and show them how you feel.
  16. I have said that I have no role on the council. I made my comments in the same way that everyone else was able to do.
  17. Sanity at last! Please don't keep making personal attacks in order to make a point. Why are my opinions seen as 'generalising'? Parents are still legally allowed to hit their children and schools have the same disciplinary powers they have always had, except corporal punishment that went out over 20 years ago. Indeed the government has recently increased the disciplinary powers of schools. The reality is that teachers have lost all of their autonomy and creativity through this crazy government's obsession with testing. Initial training and continuing professional development fail to equip teachers with the tools of the trade, for example knowledge about child development or how to lead a class appropriately. Many inner city schools have a huge staff turnover and we have Heads running schools now who would never have been considered experienced enough 20 years ago. Is it any wonder that some schools find it difficult?
  18. Excellent post Carmina and I think many of us have felt similarly at one time or another. The issue is really about whether you believe it is possible to effect change whilst standing on the outside. Personally I decided that to support the changes, both local and national, that I wanted to see I needed to fight from the inside. So I became involved in politics, gained a clear understanding of how politics works and made a commitment to be fully involved. No party will meet all of your hopes and wishes, and councillors and MPs will make decisions you disagree with. This doesn't mean they are not doing their job - ki -ora syndrome. I strongly disagreed with the demolition of SH school. Like everyone else, I had my say, but on that occasion my hopes weren't realised. That doesn't affect my commitment to my party because commitment has to be built on core principles. Those who change their commitment just because of one or two local decisions don't go their way will be very disappointed. Councillors and MPs represent hundreds and thousands of people and no decision will gain absolute universal support. Have you spoken to your local candidates to express your views?
  19. Yes, go Baz - PLEASE! I'm sorry you have such a low opinion of the people of warrington. They are, after all, the people who so tired of labour incompetence and Conservative ? well not in the race - that they vote Lib Dem in ever increasing numbers. You are obviouly rattled because things aren't going your way, so why not stand as independent? It takes courage, but I'm sure you have that. I am most definitely female by the way - for whoever raised it. I sense you think I'm some undercover cop!! I am neither a councillor nor a candidate - just a supporter.
  20. I think that's a difference of perception and personal experience Baz. I certainly remember pensioners being frightened of young people when I was a child. I would also say (backed up with any research or figures you look at) that children are much more likely to be the victims of crime than the perpetrators. We (i.e. the adults) have created a society where children are killing children. But what part do you feel the media plays in this perception? We now have 24 hour television news and a multitude of print news - all striving for profit and all trying to outdo their rivals with increasingly sensationalist - and often salacious - reporting. Is this fuelling a fear of crime that is disproportionate to the reality?
  21. Yes they laugh all the way to the polling stations-where they keep voting for us! If the only criticism of the letter is a small c it must have been good. Perhaps Kevin meant conservatives with a small c- i.e. less significant. Can't speak for Westbrook, but the blue letters I have delivered today were most definitely hand written.
  22. You're an experienced fetishist? That explains a lot!
  23. All parties use election leaflets to both say what they have been, or will be doing and also to show the faults of the opposition. I have lib dem, labour and conservative leaflets in front of me now. Each of them follow this good guys/bad guys format so there is no point in one party getting snooty about it!
  24. Well they shouldn't have to move into substandard housing. A lot of the original council houses were well built. Mind you, the housing built nowadays doesn't seem to be any where near as substantial as the 30s housing. Flats are no good for families are they? Children need gardens.
  25. Woa! I hope your son doesn't mind your public emasculation of him. So the mods and rockers kicking each other to bits on Brighton seafront never happened? Teddy boys slashing each other with razors were a figment of the imagination? City centres never were so dangerous for young women in the 70s that the police advised us not to go out without a chaperone because they couldn't guarantee to protect us? And how did these well-beaten, well behaved youngsters turn out? Well, they became the parents of the very young people you are now criticising!
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