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  1. Are you talking about people who live here/have a right to remain? I understood the health 'tourists' were the ones who came in and were treated as private patients (and therefore paid?)
  2. Supposition and conversations with 'other Independents' teaming up with parties. I keep telling you I'm a 'her'! Watching your post election interview Paul is my source of information. Why did you change from Independent to Conservative? I have already said that I really rate the role of Independents. I think we should have more, but financing an election is often beyond the means of many, which is a shame. What were your reasons? Obs- I presume the Police Authority rep will be up for grabs now. should be interesting.
  3. Don't worry Bazzy. You didn't need to explain your pessimistic, egocentric, egotistical, isolationalist, b***** everybody else mentality. It shines through in all of your posts!
  4. Same as Bush then! I was rather hoping the english would have more sense!!
  5. I haven't spoken to anyone in Liverpool,so like you I only know what I've read. Seems to have been a strategic move - just like Warrington Conservatives providing incentives to two independents to stand as Tories on Thursday. Still, only one got in.
  6. Poor Bazzy. Now he has to go and buy a new keyboard. Please recycle the old one appropriately.
  7. Well I can fully understand the protest vote, but Boris presents as an incompetent, bumbling fool. Does the electorate really believe he can run London?? Never understood why The US elected Bush for the same reason.
  8. Like your suggestion Shelley. The Lib Dems and The Greens share a common understanding of humanity, integrity and environmental responsibility. We could go far together!
  9. 5am results update: Projected national share of the vote (BBC) Conservative 44% Liberal Democrat 25% Labour 24% Council control The Liberal Democrats retained control of: Cambridge Eastleigh Liverpool Rochdale Stockport Liverpool was Labour?s number one target. The council composition is now Lib Dem 46, Labour 39, Liberals 3, Greens 2 (total 90). The Liberal Democrats gained control of: St Albans Hull Results from Lib Dem controlled Watford, Newcastle, Three Rivers and South Lakeland will be declared later today ? as will Sheffield. The Liberal Democrats lost control in Pendle and West Lindsey. Following these elections Liberal Democrats are just one seat short of overall control in: Oldham (4 gains), Warrington (1 gain) and Cheltenham (3 gains). Liberal Democrats will continue to be the largest party in Cardiff (2 gains), Sefton (1 gain), North East Lincolnshire (1 gain) and are now also the largest party in Derby (5 gains) and Exeter (1 gain) Councillors elected Liberal Democrats made 137 gains in these elections four years ago and have successfully defended those gains. It appears that we will continue to have around 4,200 council seats (21% of the total in Great Britain) That is pretty successful in my book!
  10. Once again, Obs, you are suggesting that voters, and particularly Labour voters, aren't capable of using their vote appropriately. You are saying that the ones who disagree with you are sheep. A tad conceited-no?
  11. Most certainly am. Parish councillors are very important. Thanks for uploading.
  12. Paul I would like to think you are an honourable sort of person, but innuendo doesn't become you. The 'victory speech' you refer to was, I assume, Jo's appearance on the Politics Show? I watched it, and in response to a question from the presenter to 'forecast' the local results each candidate, not unaturally, was optimistic about their chances. Whenever you were asked about your chances what did you say? 'Oh, I think I'm going to lose'!!! Bewsey and Whitecross was won because voters wanted us to win-pure and simple. Presumeably that's why you won your seat? As to the behaviour of one of our organisers-please elaborate. I was there 'til nearly 4am and didn't see or hear anything untoward. Or were you eavesdropping?
  13. But that's politics, Obs! You could say that about any party, and any vote swing. If someone is happy with a councillor or an MP they vote for them. If not, they consider the alternatives. Lib Dems have as much to offer - and more in my opinion - than the other two parties. If these dissatisfactions and swings didn't happen you would be complaining that the electorate was too complacent! Once again, you are suggesting that voters, and particularly Labour voters, aren't capable of using their vote appropriately.
  14. 'Cameron policy' Isn't that a contradiction in terms? I think what we are seeing is a real shift, finally, from the antiquated view that Labour serves the interests of the multitudes and Conservatives serve the interests of the wealthy. What is important is that a government serves its people! The fact that the Lib Dems are 'in second place' for the first time should be a wake up call to both of the punch and judy parties. Lib Dem principles are the basis for the way forward.
  15. I would concur with Paul that becoming a councillor for many people involves a substantial drop in income. Many, many councillors, of all shades, and Paul included, are people who have qualifications, skills and experience that put them into a high earning bracket. There is simply no way that a councillor allowance could be their prime motivation for doing the job. And if they weren't there because of a desire to serve their community they certainly wouldn't put up with the flack. With regard to pensioners as councillors - two things come to mind. One, in this day and age many pensioners have seen their pensions reduce or disappear, so they need to carry on working, and two, being a councillor requires a lot of energy, commitment to numerous meetings, saturday morning surgeries, telephone calls from concerned constituants at all hours of the day and night and on occasions outright abuse from some people. Do older councillors not deserve some credit for doing all of this instead of sitting in their slippers by the fire?
  16. I don't know anyone who doesn't feel totally let down by 10 years of Labour rule. Instead of giving people the means to provide for their own families they have continued with the Tory idea of a dependency culture. If people have decent jobs and have enough to live on they have freedom and autonomy. Pay them a pittance and make them apply for top up credits and you make them dependent on the state and thereby easier to control. Couple that with the paranoid over-centralisation of almost every imaginable service and you end up with with something that is rapidly beginning to resemble a democratic dictatorship!
  17. Fabulous results for the Warrington and the Lib Dems! We're delighted that we have two more councillors - Jo and Kevin. Sorry we lost Hatton Walton and Stretton, but I'm sure Paul will look after it 'til we take it back.
  18. Agree absolutely Mort. Some dog owners are dreadful. However, if these dogs are as dangerous as it appears something has to happen. Sadly the oulook for the dogs isn't good. If they have been trained to attack, or been ill treated its unlikly they could be rehomed. Does anyone have an update? Have the police traced the owner?
  19. Lots of buy to let homes are sold at auction complete with tenants. Good investment strategy. Problem with buy to let repossessions as obs says is that the lender will want to reduce their risk as quickly as possible so they may well evict the tenant. Having said that, the vast majority of btl repossessions are vacant apartments that were bought off plan and have never been tenanted. I do think some creative co-operation between the housing department and local landlords could ease the housing situation. This happens successfully in other places and landlord accreditation schemes ensure that the housing is safe and of good quality.
  20. Ordinary councillors receive allowances, they do not receive wages. Parish councillors receive nothing. This is one of the problems of course - to become a councillor to serve your community you need to be either retired with a decent pension or a person of 'independent means.' Sadly many people who would like to become a councillor are unable to do so because they need to earn a living wage. If you complain about 'all councillors being the same' implying they are all equally useless I think your problem is with the system of local politics rather than the way a councillor carries out their role. Some councillors are better than others and they are all individuals. You can't tar them all with the same brush. Perhaps if Carmina and Legion could elucidate on the specific issues we could have a more targetted discussion?
  21. Having heard now about the absolutely obnoxious leaflet going around Poulton I am bound to say that the parties are not all the same. Yes, every party sings its own praises and highlights where they believe the opposition has gone wrong, but we would certainly never sink to the disgusting depths of the author of that leaflet. They should be deeply ashamed.
  22. Guess I could have done a search first. Never mind. Setting aside your flowery language, I'm with you all the way. I do feel that religion is very much a personal commitment and it doesn't need to be promoted through the school or political system. Look what happens when Presidents think they have God on their side!
  23. Wot! Get stuck in all that traffic? Why would anyone want to stop the taxis going through? We certainly wouldn't want the drunks to get behind the wheel! Need more info on this one.
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