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  1. No, they will drown as the ice caps melt and sea levels rise, which is already happening. Legion said: we simply need to reduce our personal energy consumption. and let the government make plans to reduce that consumption under its control. This is very true, but it is not simple. If it were the ultimate solution it would have happened by now. The difficulty seems to be that a lot of people 'simply' don't/won't make any effort. They say they 'don't believe it', 'its not my responsibility' 'let the government sort it out' and so on. Hence the need for more desparate measures.
  2. Well good ole Tony did introduce 3000 new crimes onto the statute books. It may be that crime isn't rising, just that we have criminalised so many everyday activities. Beautiful place, Rhode Island!
  3. Actually, whilst agreeing that the system seems superficially repugnant, any professional who is required to maintain a second home due to the requirements of their job will receive a variety of allowances. I have a friend who has been told by his firm that he will need to work in Belgium for four days a week for the next 12 months. They are providing him with an apartment, all air fares etc etc. Similarly another friend who is something high up in the marines (don't understand the ranking system) is paid a vast array of allowances, private school fees for all the children, several air tickets a year for wife and family to visit him wherever he is, and so on. Whenever I travel in the course of my work clients pay all my travel, hotel and subsistence expenses on top of my fees. I would like to earn as much as an MP, but I would prefer to earn the salaries offered in commerce and industry, which are substantially higher!
  4. I would like to see greater involvement of young people and some stories about how terrific the majority of them are. It could help to make our young people feel more involved in their town. I'm not talking about exam results - which actually indicate very little these days - more about what young people are doing in their communities and their suggestions about facilities, activities etc.
  5. Thanks for the clarification Gary. I'm not sure that the website demonstrates what Warrington people are all about, given that the thousands who only read the posts only see the opinions of a very small number of regulars. I know that discussion forums can become cosy chatrooms, but I think WWW has the potential to be much more!
  6. 'Eagle'- is it american indian then?' Peter, I was simply responding to a post from Gary, where he comments that it would be good to encourage more posters. 40 or 50 out a population approaching 200000 is hardly exciting - hence - it probably is broke. I realise you may feel threatened by the possibility of expansion, but it is supposed to be a town-wide facility-not your personal facebook.
  7. So your answer is what? I'm not quite with you. Would you suggest that EVERYONE who enters or leaves the country should be screened on every occasion? Or international travel should be halted? How plausible are either suggestions? (and please cut the party political claptrap at every turn - the elections are over and there is no need for you to be abusive. All views should be welcomed here)
  8. I think you have made several good points Gary, and as the 'expert webmaster' you are I'm sure you have considered the following points, but as I'm a new (ish) poster please bear with me: 1)Security of identity is a huge issue. Most people, myself included, prefer to use first names only or a nickname on public sites. I consider this to be entirely sensible but I have 'suffered' some unpleasantness with one or two key people accusing me of lying about who I am. This could, I'm sure, stop some people from posting. Suggestion: Make it very clear on the registration page that posters using nicknames are welcome and that such practice is common. 2)Is the discussion forum advertised anywhere? In the sister mag? 3)Could you investigate making reciprocal links with other discussion sites? 4) I can't recall if the registration page displays a basic code of conduct for posters, but we can all fall into the trap of whizzing off a comment on a discussion forum that we would probably never make to someone face to face. I do know that the risk of being verbally abused is very offputting to a lot of people, so your moderating role is very important. 5) Finally, the forums (fora) I visit seem to exist simply to abuse the borough and parish councils. Perhaps you could occasionally gather up any (printable and constructive!) suggestions from posters and email them to someone on the council! Cheers
  9. That's fairly impressive Gary. How could you encourage more visitors to use the discussion boards?
  10. zzzzzzzzzz This really is a discussion 'bored' Back to sleep until someone says something interesting.
  11. Who do you support Peter?
  12. I think really the important point is to take responsibility. In the Uk successive governments have sanctioned a health service that over prescribes medication, especially antibiotics, because doctors are not given time to listen to their patients. The over reliance on antibiotics has led to the current situation where we have no defence against some of the most serious illnesses. I just don't think playing the race card is at all helpful.
  13. And english people going abroad and picking it up and bringing it here. Shocking!! We should stop all english people travelling anywhere-no more holidays, no more business trips, lock them all in their homes-that should work.
  14. Perhaps the question should be: do you believe that humans should exercise personal responsibility and curtail the greed that is contributing to global warming and the death and destruction of millions of humans and animals every year.
  15. But you can make it more interesting by hitting your opponent over the head with the cue!
  16. aw now don't be jealous. You can have some too if you join us (well if we would have you-which we wouldn't-so I think you're on your own old fruit )
  17. I am totally committed to Lib Dem principles and have been for many years. I have supported many Lib Dem candidates to win seats. I also have concerns about the entire political system and feel there is always room for people who would make great councillors but who are not affiliated to a political party. I think they can provide a balance as long as they operate within the bounds of common decency. What I detest are those people who compromise their independence and their integrity by selling themselves to the highest bidder. I feel that is dishonest. I would, as you would expect, always support a Lib Dem candidate first as I know the core principles they will hold.
  18. So good they posted it twice! Remember to donate your allowances to charity Paul. Any advance to the side??
  19. How many of the 194000 people of Warrington are regular visitors to this website? (Wonderful as it is
  20. Surgeries - the one I've heard most about has quite a few callers. Certainly seen as worthwhile. Selling rosettes?? I don't think so! Mind you, the Lib Dems aren't funded (controlled/manipulated) by either the unions or wealthy businesses, so we do work hard to raise funds. Clearly some voters will always vote for a party, others vote for the individual they most trust, regardless of party affiliation. That's why some Independents do very well.
  21. Don't worry Paul, I can understand why you won't answer the question. Pleased to put it to bed. Snooker? Aarrrggghhh
  22. I can sense that you're a trier.
  23. I would agree that 'walking the streets'or canvassing is a good way to meet people and chat to them about local and national issues. I was involved in canvassing during this election and its always interesting. The other vital component is to hold regular surgeries so local people have somewhere they can just drop into when they have a problem. A number of people 'on the doorstep' commented that they really valued that.
  24. Chrissy


    Garyyyyyy. The website clock is always an hour behind according to my computer. (My computer time is correct.)
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