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  1. I would have thought Paul that Stockton Heath might prefer support from someone who hasn't been discredited for claiming ?700000-odd that he wasn't entitled too. What's the situation following the parish council meeting?
  2. Not sure the bad apples 'infect' the rest - reflect on the rest certainly. But then some people are happy to believe one bad news story and apply it to everyone because they can't be bothered, or don't have the ability to work things out for themselves. Absolutely political institutions should lead by example, and with regard to MPs expenses, there have been enough 'revelations' in recent years so no MP can still claim it was all a mistake! Whilst there is an element of self regulation for MPs, its essentially the public who regulate - don't do your job and we won't vote for you, thus you lose your job.
  3. Bit pessimistic Geoff. I have great faith in humanity. As Paul rightly says, the press isn't interested in stories about how well people do their jobs, they only want to report the sleaze and the wrong-doing. I meet people every day who are going about their business, living their lives, with compassion and commitment, doing their best for their families and communities. Most people are moral and ethical, but that doesn't sell papers.
  4. PJ-my comment was not addressed to you. Its obvious from your posts that you're a 'do-er' not a whinger. I've been following your posts about the allotments in particular, as its a subject close to my heart. I also sympathise with the view that a parish councillor's role doesn't always sit well with party politics. However, that's the system we are all stuck with, so we have to work within it. The only way to work for community without getting mixed up in party politics is to push locally and nationally for things to be done, or stand as an independent. Parish councillors elected from political parties do, I'm sure you'll agree, have to balance the local and national agenda. I note that Obs (whose posts are always very interesting) Baz and Peter T haven't told us what they do for their community. Perhaps, unlike you, they only talk the talk?
  5. Are you deliberately ignoring my question Obs?
  6. Not sure if you understand local politics guys! All parties have campaign groups, researchers, activists. At least I work for what I believe in. You obviously have alternative views, but instead of the usual moaning, whingeing and muppeteering, while don't you tell us what you do to support your community?
  7. You're mischief making. I have been entirely open about my membership of the lib dems. I'm a campaigner therefore I help lib dem councillors, MPs and MEPs to get elected. I am not a councillor or officer.
  8. Thomas Malthus - An Essay on the Principle of Population as it effects the Future Improvement of Society. 1798 Malthus argued that a constantly rising population would outgrow the food resources of the world.
  9. One assumes that Den Dover will not now be concerning himself with sites, greenfield or otherwise! Is anyone going to the parish meeting?
  10. Well thanks for the offer, but I have my hands full supporting the Lib Dem PPC to be elected in 2010!
  11. Like your style Egbert. I thought the Warrington Worldwide forum WAS The Cynics Party!! - Party Principles:- Blame anyone but yourselves Make mountains out of molehills Highlight the failures and ignore the successes Find fault but don't do anything about it Couch potato politics!
  12. Sadly Shelley the situation now is as I describe. I have been to I-P twice in the past couple of years, working to support peace groups on both sides to join together for the benefit of a lasting peace. Whilst I agree entirely that a peaceful, non violent solution must be sought, the Israeli govenment must take responsibility for their dehumanising and humiliating system of control. As for The Greens - sometimes serious problems require radical and rapid solutions. We have pandered too long to those who desire to maintain the staus quo and their own (unsustainable) lifestyles, at the expense of those without a voice. The Greens may be leaning left of centre - I don't know - but neither the Conservatives nor Labour have been prepared to lose votes by suggesting or implementing the measures that are becoming inevitable. Against a background of such flaccidity, any passionate cause will appear radical! Cheers
  13. Like other posters, I'm not sure where you are on the Israel resolution Shelley? What I would say is that Israel may be only the size of Wales with a small(ish) but rapidly growing population, but it also has one of the largest military capabilities in the world, has an enormous undeclared nuclear arsenal, is in contravention of 175 separate UN resolutions, has maimed and murdered thousands of Palestinians and has 'imprisoned' millions of Palestinians through an obcsene system of checkpoints, walls, curfews, raids and unspeakable inhumane practices. Israel is only able to continue in its quest to secure the entire of Isael/Palestine for itself because of the $3.5 billion a year 'donated' by the US. The majority of Jews in Israel are not secular, they have moved there, from the US and Europe (and more recently from Ethiopia etc) with the sole intention of re-taking the promised land. The settlers in the West Bank in particular are extremists who carry guns and rifles and will shoot at any non-Jew.
  14. I would not exclude any voice from the democratic process - religious or secular. My view is simply that the religious opinion should be considered alongside all others, not be given priority because of some distant historical circumstance. Its the 'holier than thou' attitude, whereby some believers assume that the religious stance is automatically the right one, that I struggle with. Historical and contemporary examples of widespread abuse and corruption within all religions demonstrate that no religion has the right to claim the moral high ground.
  15. So, no comment on the vote and the decision?
  16. Sadly there have always been inadequate parents and there is enough evidence to support the cycle of deprivation theory. Parenting classes should really be on the school curriculum. Children spend so much time learning stuff that will be of absolutely no use to them in adult life, and essentials such as parenting and household finance never get a look in.
  17. The speed at which you were driving, or whether you were at fault doesn't matter now. A good driver would have just waited until they could get past you safely and maybe 'indicated' their annoyance with a suitable gesture. Finding and threatening you just isn't on. Report him-he's clearly no good as a taxi driver.
  18. Gary you're getting as bad as some of the others! And Warrington Town what??
  19. We're back to my point that very few people are on this site! To increase traffic you have to advertise and to make it a real, whole town resource. It should welcome all members of the community. I didn't say anything about economically disadvantaged children, just those who don't get to have a say. The majority of children are able to access the internet, even if they don't have it at home.
  20. Now you're being unkind again, just when I thought we had an agreement Why is what I read, places I visit, photographs I have seen, people I know, less valid than your opinions? You're surely not suggesting you know more than anyone else
  21. Oh Asp, you've made my day! I shall sleep easy in my bed tonight! All's well with the world! (ps. were you referring to the crime comment or the Rhode Island one??)
  22. But we have too many managers and not enough grass roots staff in most organisations. NHS comes to mind! Are investment bankers worth more than MPs? Should plumbers be paid more than nurses? Who should decide? The Centre for Alternative Technology pays all staff a fixed salary,regardless of their role. Is that a possibility? Perhaps we should force everyone to accept ?10k a year, regardless of the job they do? What suggestions do you have for running the country without the MP/Parliamentary system? Serious suggestions please!
  23. Okay, point taken However, only two of those four stories are about children (ie. under 18s. Even I wouldn't count a 35 year old as a young person!) I was thinking more about the hard to reach young people, the less academic ones who aren't winning awards and are forgotten about. You could run a poll for children about want they would do to improve the town. Develop a consultative group!
  24. I'm really pleased you agree that Lib Dem MPs have more integrity!
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