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  1. I think as Baz says, being a landlord is probably no bed of roses. And whilst I agree with Paul that landlords choose to do that job, just as most of us have chosen to do a job, it doesn't mean that they are also greedy whatsits. Landlords are just people who are prepared to take risks. We do have Maggie to thank for inculcating the idea of home ownership for all, and for allowing the majority of the council housing stock to be sold. Actually, if it wasn't for the private rented sector, where would people live? I have lived in rented accomodation in the past-of variable standards and with variable landlords.
  2. Ye Gods! and I thought it was us women who were saving the planet!
  3. All of the Lib Dem MPs voted to end the John Lewis list. They asked the Conservatives to join them to win the vote, but for some reason the Conservatives declined.
  4. Young people are not only our future - they're our present. We need people of all ages, gender, culture etc to truly represent the community. Shame about the choice of party, but hey, people change their minds throughout life. Go for it guys!
  5. Obviously every situation is different, but the Gary Newlove tragedy was actually rare. Its kids who are most at risk from other kids. All I'm saying is that at one time most of us would have said something to young people being stupid, now most of us wouldn't, due to the largely mistaken belief that we would be attacked. And yes, I have spoken to groups of kids being stupid - I emphasise spoken to them, not confronted them.
  6. I was with the all the way until you went Cameron-esque at the end!
  7. I can understand that people are sometimes worried about saying anything to groups of young people, but if none of us do, it just confirms to them that adults either don't care about the community or that we're scared of them. If the police also don't/can't arrive to sort it out is it any wonder that some young people carry on doing just as they like?
  8. There are no short, trite answers to an incredibly complex issue. Showing respect for childhood, supporting all parents, making schooling responsive to the needs of pupils, more youth service/leisure provision, more police on the streets - the list goes on. A bit of joined up thinking really!
  9. Well said Obs. I think many people who bought off plan and have nose dived into despair due to the financial crash would be delighted to sell their property to the Council, or Housing Association. There are problems though. A lot of empty property are flats - often tiny and frankly not well built, so they would be a poor long term investment for the Council. Plus, lenders won't allow owners to sell if they can't redeem the mortgage - they would rather repossess.
  10. Eagle, your comment is lost on me, but I think you're being deliberately obtuse. Baz - WHERE did you get that avatar?? Its great! There was a sign on the M5, around Gloucester, for some years that had a picture of an overturned caravan alongside the number of recorded accidents involving vehicles towing caravans each year. The number of such accidents decreased significantly, one assumes because a) drivers towing drove more responsibly, and the rest of us gave caravans an even wider berth!
  11. You mean someone reads Gman's posts? They're interesting but far too long. I've given up. Please be more concise G!
  12. Well not sure about the cold calling signs (sounds a bit odd) but the accident blackspot/casualties/warning signs have been around for years in other parts of the country. They can be quite useful for people who don't actually know the road - just makes them proceed with a bit of extra caution, and that can't be a bad thing.
  13. I guess considering the obscene sum that smoking costs the NHS, the ?12.50 a week could be money well spent - if it worked, which is probably unlikely. People smoke for all sorts of reasons and if money alone could cure addicts, we wouldn't have any! Glad you're fairly happy Paul! I'm eternally happy. Whenever I start to feel sorry for myself I think of all the people, in this country and around the world who struggle every day just to stay alive. Soon makes me feel thankful for what I've got.
  14. Don't be put off by some of this lot Jonathan - they knock everything to do with the council - and probably would whoever was running it! You have chosen to try to improve and challenge from within, which is great. Top of my list would be providing universal support for all parents, and targeted support for some. The problems with teenage drinking etc aren't caused by young people, they have their roots in parenting styles. After that I would like a rail link to connect Bankquay and Central, cheaper bus fares and more free, supervised, indoor and outdoor community facilities for children and young people.
  15. Agreed Legion. We don't now the whole story here, but the son looked totally shell shocked and the dad clearly enjoyed the publicity. I can't imagine having such a poor relationship with my child that I would call the polce before talking to them to find ot why on earth they had a weapon. It sounds as though he might just have been the patsy for someone nasty. In jail, sadly, he will learn from real criminals, and probably come out knowing far more about crime than when he went in. I think to instigate a prison sentence for your child, you have to believe that the prison system has some value, and the recidivism rate for young offenders proves that it fails time and time again.
  16. Go for it Jonathan! If the Conservative party has enthused you then that's your business and you will have reasons to support them. They do have a rather active 'Young Conservatives' group so that seems to be paying off. I haven't known of a councillor aged 18, but certainly one of 19 and one of 21, so there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't stand. If the Conservatives have principles you agree with then stand on the party ticket. If not, you could stand as an independent - though you have to fund for campaign. You may find you gather a following of young voters who feel the council is out of touch! Best wishes
  17. Chrissy


    Sounds trite - but that's democracy. They were voted in by the British public, they weren't imposed on us. Also, whilst I personally loathe Brown's and Blair's policies on most issues, they have been supported by a majority of people that voted. Also, whilst I agree that there has been incompetence, the current economic difficulties aren't confined to our country and we are in a cleft stick, because there is no agreement whether additional borrowing is a rational answer. We need to develop ways of interesting people, and particularly young people, in the democratic process so they all actually vote!
  18. No,most of us just want a place to live that we can call our own & do what we like to it. With the rental regulations in parts of Europe you can do just that. ie. long term tenancy agreements. Also, years ago council housing used to offer a home for life and within, the boundaries of planning regs, tenants could update and improve as they wished. I think security of tenure was the crucial factor of people buying a property - 'it's mine and no-one can take it away from me', but sadly in an uncertain world repossession always has to be considered a possiblity. Shelley - are the proposed rented homes ring fenced for people on the housing list, or are they meant to be available to anyone?
  19. So those of you who support the death penalty - you would accept it if it was your son, daughter, partner, dad, who was wrongly accused and electrocuted? Or if it was your son or daughter who was hanged after s/he was offered one tab in a club and ended up hooked and dealing? Or if it was you who was so seriously abused in childhood that you valued neither yourself nor anyone else and turned to crime? Or you were subjected to domestic violence for years and finally snapped? Laws and values are located in time and culture - hence they are subject to change, but you can't bring someone back to life. The death penalty, apart from having no place in a civilised society, would be no deterrent in any of those situations.
  20. Yay! That got things moving. I'm much happier when I know who I'm talking to. What do you do in your spare time Bazzy? (ps, wasn't it David Cameron who wanted to hug a hoodie?)
  21. One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter? Obs is right I think. The UN has to be the way forward. This current US administration is politically juvenile and morally corrupt. If they refused to fund Israel and Israel was forced to accept the Green Line we would all be in a much better position to take the moral high ground. Israel has always had a right to exist, but it should not be allowed to ignore international law by treating the Palestinians, who have an equal right to that land, like animals.
  22. Exactly Paul! Its just a way of fulfilling the Government's target to convert all secondary schools to academies to pull in private finance. Destroying the NHS and destroying state education. I thought we had a Labour government?!
  23. Whilst I can understand the view that humans are more important than wildlife, if humans could sort out housing in a logical and sane manner there would be far less need to argue about where to build anyway. We can't keep contributing to the extinction of wildlife because of crass politics and decision making. There are thousands of homes standing empty-for a variety of reasons, supermarkets hold massive landbanks to stop competition and a lot of new build is very poorly built and won't stand the test of time. This credit crunch may force us all to review the British obsession with home ownership. Many of us only wanted to own a property because we thought values would steadily rise and we might be able to pass something onto our children to help them. If that is no longer a good strategy perhaps renting will become popular again. Most other Europeans think we're a bit crazy to want to buy a property!
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