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    The brickwork of the tower was absolutely sound. The only things which were unsafe were the numerous ladders which were coming away from their mountings in the brickwork and the rotten wooden platforms between each ladder level.
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    I was lucky enough to get into this building back in 2007 and got some photographs: http://nwex.co.uk/showthread.php?t=1363 It would be a great shame to lose that wonderful unique tower - the views from the top are spectacular, but it was extremely dangerous, I imagine its even worse now. Sadly this abandonment is nothing new. I've seen some fantastic buildings rot. I'm sure that most of the time the owners hope that arsonists will do their job for them.
  3. There's two sides to this. Yes, it could save paper, but my experience of anyone over 40 using a computer shows they'd rather have paper in their hands! As for knocking the political parties who allegedly bought these, lets not forget the BSF scheme (Building Schools for the Future) where the Labour government let consultants have free reign over spending and promised (and delivered in some cases) Netbooks and iPads to every pupil, regardless of whether they were a benefit to teaching and learning.
  4. It must be Creamfields time again, seen lots of lorries around the A56 with loads of steel. Just be careful if travelling in that area, a lot are parked on the road, forcing cars to drive in the hatched areas. As these areas aren't used much they're usually peppered with debris and other rubbish.
  5. Its MOT time. Can anyone recommend a reasonable garage charging a reasonable price for an MOT? Preferably over the Eastern end of Warrington. Thank You.
  6. A shame they couldn't spell "vehicle" correctly on their sign!
  7. Pathetic media? No. Pathetic PM.
  8. Are there any decent scrap yards in the area? I need a couple of parts.
  9. I'm connected with the website the OP linked (thank you!). We were all gutted to see the hangars go. I'm pleased I got to see them when I did. There are a few of us keen to preserve and document Warrington's hetitage with photographs. We managed to get some good photos of Greenings Wire Works, Garnett's Mill and RAF Croft.
  10. Can anyone recommend somewhere around Warrington (preferably towards the East side of town) for a quick and simple diesel engined car oil change? It's something I'd normally do myself but I've only recently moved to Warrington and don't have any tools to do the job. Thank you.
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