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  1. She would be quite welcome, and there are various possible shortcuts that can be recommended. I looked on the map to see if we were going by your house, but unfortunately not. We are going by John Price's house, so if he sees this, he's welcome to join in at around 2:20-2:30.
  2. Fantastic Photoshoppery. Funnily enough, I did something similar myself. I'll post it some time if I can find it. I made one of the cat driving a car through the same scene, but with snow. I used a picture of a toy car and resized everything to fit. But I didn't get things to match up anywhere near as well as you did. I think if you look really closely you can see that the shadows don't quite look right, but otherwise really impressive.
  3. Yes, it was, I think it was taken last year, but it looks pretty much the same now. I think it's all on public paths where dogs are allowed, so I could hardly stop you, so fine as long as you control them and they don't eat Katie Ashall's little ones. I often see her walking little fluffy ones would probably be frightened by my cat.
  4. Enjoy the natural beauty close to home, get some exercise and fresh air, and get to know the Warrington Green Party better. We invite you to a pleasant 4-5 mile walk, led by Appleton Green candidate Shelley Walsh, starting at Owens Corner at 2:00 p.m. on the 27th of April. Email me or call 01925 211962 or 07815 901084 for more information.
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