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  1. Just heard today that there will be a ban on smoking in cars with children in, on alfresco dining and beaches,so that will make it almost smoke free,as there has been a ban on smoking in other ares for a few years now,so it will be limited to your own homes soon I think Sheila
  2. Who did you get the funny looks from,the staff or the customers,maybe they thought you were casing the joint! Sheila
  3. Thank you Baz,that was very good of you to do that for me,the reason I wanted to know is because I am doing my family tree,and anything to do with that is welcome. Once again thank you very much, Sheila
  4. Thank you Baz, That would be very nice of you,From what I remember his name was the first of four names ,his name being Eric Glover,so when ever you're out there I would appreciate it very much, Sheila
  5. Can anybody tell me if there is still a plaque on the back wall of the main post office?For many years it was there when it used to be in Springfield St The first name on it was my cousin Eric's name he was a telegraph messenger for the post office before the war,he was a Sgt.Pilot and was killed and buried in Cyprus in March 1945
  6. sheila

    Blue bins

    Hi, This is my first real post,so bear with me.I've been reading this topic with interest as we do re-cycling collections too. we have yellow topped bins and most everything goes in it,except things like plastic bags batteries etc.WE can organise trips around the re-cycling plant to see what happens to it all,not been round it myself,we also get a booklet on what can go in the bin,and yes this bin is always fuller than the household bin
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