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  1. The Earth Hour thing is a world wide thing that's been going a few years, think it's more about awareness than actually saving anything in that hour but could be wrong. Re the China / India consumption comment, a heck of a lot of the energy used in these countries (China in partiuclar) is in making cheap rubbish that we in the West buy so we're kind of responsible for that also.
  2. You can get ones that work with dimmers but they're a bit more expensive and therefore don't tend to be the ones which are given away. Have also found that the freebie ones aren't that good but you can get some very good ones which are find for any room in the house from supermarkets and DIY shops these days. It's just a pity that the early ones and many of the freebies are so poor as it puts a lot of people off.
  3. It's a pity that more people don't accept that they have a responsibility not to be greedy and selfish and to consider the effects of their actions on the rest of the planet. This belief that we all have a right to do this or that often seems to boil down to a me me me culture of selfishness. Don't use what you don't need and live a little simpler, you never know you might find that you actually like it!
  4. Sadly they are at the moment but we shouldn't be giving them a reason to continue.
  5. I think the main reason is the site is badly contaminated and taking longer to clean up than expected. Well I never, the ground round an old petrol station being contaminated
  6. The council are claiming that an incinerator is the best way forward to deal with residual waste ie what's left in your black bin rather than send to landfill. This a common misconception around the country with many coucils peddaling the same theory. Yes, modern incinerators are cleaner than the old fashioned ones but they are still very hungry beasts that are usually tied up in contracts which lead the council to feeding it for the next 20 to 25 years with heavy fines if they don't provide sufficient waste. In other words, they're not flexible and can't take advantage of changes in society and our waste over that period. Just think how much less most of us our putting in our bins in comparison with this time last year? For the incinerator to be efficient, it needs a constant supply, in many incinerators in both this country and other parts of Europe it can be seen that recycling rates tend to be lower where an incinerator needs feeding. Back to our bines, what's left at the moment is mainly consists of plastics and food waste. Food waste can (and should) be collected on a weekly basis and dealt with separately and there is a very high possibility that the plastics which we currently can't recycle with either be phased out or a method of recyling be found. Actually the plastic issue is another interesting (well maybe not interesting but you get the idea!) point, they're made from oil, should we really be burning a finite resource?
  7. People are quite right, you can't take bikes on the tram either a fact pointed out a few months ago in a local news article. A group of people were taking a cardboard cut out of a bike on the tram (which you can do) to show how ridicuous the situation is - apparently they're going to take a washing machine next as they're also allowed!
  8. As quite a lot or people prefer to have their recycling in separate streams so that broken glass (for example) doesn't mix with paper and therefore make the waste paper less useful. Also, the glass in the blue bins is mixed and not split into brown, clear and green and therefore of less use for recycling also. WCC have gone for an option which makes it easy for the householder but less useful to recycle and therefore will end up with less valuable products which, especially in the current climate, may well come back and bite them.
  9. There was something in the paper about the old blue bins which indicated that they were being shredded and down and sent to Germany (I think it was) as there was no call for the material in this country. Not ideal but at least it's being made up into something useful.
  10. I didn't know anything much about the Peace Centre until quite recently and also thought that it was a bit of a memorial. However, on listening to a representative from there I was very impressed with the work they did, in particular in bringing together the pupils from two opposing schools and backgrounds in Leeds, if they do even a small thing (and believe me it was much more than a small thing!) in helping those kids work together then it's very worthwhile.
  11. May I quote from the leaflet? "Your old smaller blue bin with the words: SULO printed upon it will be removed between 30th September and 31st October from your property. The bin will be emptied and removed on the same day. This day will be your normal scheduled paper collection day between the two dates shown above. Please leave your bin out as normal, even if it is empty." My next scheduled paper collection day is October 17th. That is the day they will remove my bin. Your day will be on the calendar on your bin lid. By the time we get to this date we will already have had our new bin emptied twice so quite why there would be anything in our old bin is quite beyond me. Surely it would have made far more sense to have picked them up at the same time as they were emptied for the last time ie about 3 weeks ago in my case. The point I was making (badly) was that the literature was confused and could (and should) have been worded a lot better.
  12. I too live in Grappenhall and the blue bins round here were all emptied last Wednesday (1 Oct) as it stated on the leaflet I received through the door. Pretty much all the houses in our road put their bins out and it all worked fine. The problem we have is that I have absolutely no idea when they will pick up my old one, have read and re-read the information and it's not clear. Originally thought that it was with the last collection, didn't happen so am now thinking it might be when it should have been emptyied in October if the rules hadn't changed but really am not sure. By the way, Tilly, who is filling your bins with rubble, you need to have a word.
  13. The fact that the broken glass gets into all the rest of the recycling does cause a problem with recylcing - you end up with a much less valuable product which is why it is actually much better to separate at source. WCC think that they've gone for the more popular option in that people will only need a single bin but they've not considered what then happens to it. Also, they really should be looking at doing food waste collections, hopefully in the near future......
  14. There is currently a waste strategy consultation document out for public (erm....) consultation which (without actually mentioning it) outlines the proposal to burn Warrington's waste. No site is mentioned though but there must be one in mind to have done a cost benefit analysis on it all.
  15. Funnily enough you can get a lot more out of wind power than you think - at present, over 16% in Denmark, 8% in Spain and 5% in Germany, with the Germans investing heavily to get it up to 25% and that's from a county with far less wind than we have. Personally I think it is one of a range of solutions which should be implemented and just because it doesn't solve all the problems doesn't mean that it shouldn't be used.
  16. Personally I would much rather have fewer clothes of better and less quesionable quality than wear the sweat shop stained cheapo varieties sold on much of the high street. However attractive an outfit may appear, the way it has been produced makes it deeply ugly.
  17. There's many problems with incinerators, firstly they pollute the atmosphere and I can't blame anybody not wanting to live near one. Secondly, in areas of the UK where they have been built, there have been problems with getting enough waste into them to make them cost effective. This has led to recycling rates falling as waste is diverted to feed the incinerator - will look out some links later but, believe me this is the case. I've also just googled Warrington incinerator and the only significant hit I get is for a medical incinerator which is totally different to the one discussed at Ince Marshes etc. Do you have any more details?
  18. I like the idea of the smaller black bin, would mean that I wouldn't need any more storage space than I do now. However, there are problems with the big mixed recycling blue bin option. The recycling needs to be treated in different waste streams and by mixing it all together it gets contaminated and becomes worth much less. For example, clear glass should not be mixed with coloured, which is why you have different bins at the collection points around town. Also, all that broken glass gets into paper, reducing it's value and potential use also. The idea is fine, ie to increase recycling rates, but in practise it is flawed.
  19. AlisonF

    Pot holes

    You should try cycling along some of the roads, it's not necessarily the big open ones which cause a problem, some of the joints between two sections of road at junctions are terrible, the two bits are basically coming apart. If they get any deeper then getting a trye caught in them could cause an accident quite easily.
  20. Ah but you chose to drink beer, rum etc etc, if the pressure groups get their way then we'll all be drinking fluoride in our water and have no choice in the matter what so ever. In addition, we'll be paying to have it put in there "for the good of our health". Medication without permission is just not on.
  21. Wind turbines definitely have a place in the energy provision for this country. Modern wind turbines are very efficient and not the kind of money making scam that somebody infers in one of the earlier posts. Small scale ones have the advantage of ensuring that production is much more local and is therefore not at risk of global variations. Yes, sometimes the wind doesn't blow but we live on a fairly windy island and if a country like Germany can get a significant percentage of it's energy from wind (when their average wind speed is lower) then it would seem prudent to harness this natural resource. Yes, we can't rely soley on wind, but then again, nobody is advocating that we do. A more logic approach would be to become more efficient with the energy we need to use (don't waste the stuff!) and rely on a number of increasingly decentralised sources.
  22. Well said, Egbert, you have summed up much of what I wanted to say but could not think of the words to express properly
  23. The food shortage lark as you call it is most certainly not a myth, but regardless of that I find it strange that more people don't consider what they put in their bodies and the effects it has both to you as a person and the wider environment. In the UK (and many other so called developed nations) we eat vast amounts of meat and meat related products, this is far more protein than our bodies require or need. By cutting back and eating more of the seasonal veg mentioned above, we'd all be healthier and richer, a bit of a no brainer really
  24. An excellent article and good news that there has been some positive conversation. Found it interesting on the River Cottage Spring programme how easy it was made to look to get some land (admitedly full of bramble) when you have a camera crew and TV series in tow.
  25. Don't fancy brain but cooked a great liver and bacon casserole the other night which was increadibly cheap and tasty. As Observer says, buy cheap meat cuts, chuck them in a casserole for a few hours, freeze the remainder for quick, after work meals and you're laughing. It doesn't take long, just a bit of initial organisation and a decent sized freezer. Eat seasonally and locally and whatever you do don't line the pockets of the rip off supermarkets.
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