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  1. Exactly - however would you deny that supporters of Woolston School have made several postings on various Warrington-based forums attempting to besmirch Padgate High School - these are usually prefaced by such classic openers as ` I am not a snob however I would keep my child off school rather than have them going to Padgate High `( appeared on a Warrington website and also a sentiment widely expressed at a Woolston School supporters meeting ... You cannot get involved in local politics , which this campaign is in essence all about , and abrogate responsibilty for the actions of your supporters ...
  2. Now we are getting closer to the nitty gritty of your campaign ... Padgates intake covers Fearnhead and Cinnamon Brow which has some of the most expensive properties in North Warrington - it also votes Lib Dem unlike the Working-class labour voters of Woolston - which area do you think has the highest rateable values ?... [ 17.11.2007, 23:00: Message edited by: Alien Circumstance ]
  3. Really enjoyed the Continental Market today with a good range of cheeses ,olives etc . Amusing how the French stallholders were encouraging shoppers to practice their school french -great to see - however the Warrington bit outside the Barley Mow was ruined by some barking scouser on a mike who completely ruined the ambience with bingo caller type ranting all afternoon as well as some stalls which would have looked tatty at a car boot ... [ 17.11.2007, 22:55: Message edited by: Alien Circumstance ]
  4. I`m sorry folks we would all like a Secondary School and a hospital at the end of the street but it`s economically unsustainable - If the people of Woolston so much want their school to stay open then why for a number of years have large percentage of pupils from Primary schools in the area gone elsewhere - this has been the situation at Bruche Primary as well as Woolston Primary amongst others . I could also add that Woolston has a dreadful reputation for discipline - compare the Uniform code to Birchwood or even Padgate for example(Woolston pupils are known throughout Warrington for looking like they have come off the set of the Catherine Tate Show ) . Also why - more or less uniquely amongst secondary schools are Woolston High School pupils allowed out at lunchtimes on mass - I visited the tip last week and the burger wagon was besieged by Woolston students whilst Birchwood and Padgate do not allow pupils out into the area around the schools at lunchtimes without a parental note ... [ 17.11.2007, 22:46: Message edited by: Alien Circumstance ]
  5. Sadly the decision is correct - Woolston has suffered from falling rolls for a number of years - a situation which has not been helped by parents at Feeder schools choosing to send their kids elsewhere - examples of this are Bruche and Woolston primarys which lie within half a mile of WHS yet have many children who go to Birchwood or Padgate in preference ... It amuses me somewhat as well when parents are complaining about their kids having to travel to get to secondary school -when I was in the area -albeit during the seventies many of us had to go to Wade Deacon , Salford Grammar etc ,etc ... However I am totally in agreement as to the perfidy of the Lib Dems who control WBC ... [ 19.09.2007, 11:35: Message edited by: Alien Circumstance ]
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