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  1. Adam is quite right that there is a place for classical, folk and Jazz on the radio. The difference with us is that if somebody in Warrington wanted to do a specialist music show to play these genres we would give them a show on Radio Warrington. For example, Northern Soul is still very popular in this Town and we have a show on a sunday night to accomodate it. We also have specialist Rock shows and would love a discussion programme if we had somone who wanted to do it. The thing is that there are thousands of internet radio stations available if you know where to look. The most successful ones are the ones which have a unique offering. A station offering "Cajun Folk music" will have a great audience because it is available to everyone in the world. An internet radio station just playing the same dross as your local FM stations will have limited appeal. Our "unique offering" is that we are a proper "Community radio station for Warrington" including ALL interested local people as described earlier. We try and have some local content in every voice link. If we don't have programmes which sound different to what is already available then we won't survive, transversely if we don't have popular appeal we won't have any listeners either so its a bit of a balancing act. We try to have shows which are different but still listenable. Steve Lewis Radio Warrington
  2. Sorry about the confusion Peter. When I say no funding I mean that we have received no large grants. We set it all up using our own money and pay most of the bills ourselves. We do not run adverts but do have sponsors whos logo we put on our website. Even these do not meet our running costs so we make up the difference ourselves. The van is paid for by me. Since you ask, our costs consist mainly of music royalties, phone and internet. Our studio space is kindly donated to us by the Warrington Disability Partnership with whom we work closely. Anybody who is interested is welcome to visit our studio by appointment. Steve Lewis Radio Warrington
  3. We at Radio Warrington are delighted that Helen Newlove has chosen to start a Community Radio station for Warrington. The reason that we started up almost two years ago was because we firmly believe that there is a significant need for a radio station for the people by the people. It is extremely difficult and expensive to get an FM license so we have been broadcasting on the internet. We get out into the community and last year we attended and broadcast from most of the events around the Town. Almost all of our presenters are local and include disabled people and schoolchildren. We discuss local topics, promote local events, play local bands and cover local sports as much as we can. We are unpaid volunteers and we run our 24 service with absolutely no funding. As mentioned in the above posts, it would seem to make great sense for us all to work together as we all seem to have the same aim, to create a truly local community radio station involving local people. Last year we wrote to Helen telling her about us and inviting her visit our studio in Sankey but as yet have received no reply. Steve Lewis Radio Warrington
  4. Hello there! If you know of any event taking place in Warrington, let Radio Worm know about it. email details to onair@radioworm.co.uk We will promote it on our online radio station and leave the details on our whats on page on our website www.radioworm.co.uk/news-and-events/whats-on If you are the organiser of a Warrington event, get in touch and we might be able to come along with our Outside Broadcast Van!
  5. Hello, Radio Worm calling. We are in the process of visiting local schools to record schoolchildren singing Christmas songs and carols. We will then be playing out these songs regularly throughout December. We will also make these recordings available for our listeners to download as podcasts. If any Warrington Worldwide listeners are involved in local schools and would like us to visit, please get in contact with us on 01925 423838 or email studio@radioworm.co.uk Thanks Steve Lewis (weekday afternoons from 4) www.radioworm.co.uk
  6. I have managed to drag Gary Skentelbery kicking and screaming into our studios here at radio WORM. He is a great fan of Classic Rock so he has recorded a 2 hour show called METAL MAYHEM! Tune in by going to www.radioworm.co.uk and simply click on LISTEN LIVE this Friday from 8pm.
  7. You might be interested to know about a new show that runs on Sunday mornings from 10. It's called the 60's worm and it is presented by Woolston DJ Ian Lees who loves to rant on about old Warrington's recent history.
  8. Hello, me again. Thanks for your comments. Bren, with regard to your buffering issue, normally rebooting the PC would sort that out. As Gary mentioned, we now cover the Warrington Wolves home games with FULL MATCH COMMENTARY for those who cannot get to the games. This Sunday we will cover the Wolves v Salford game. Even if you don't follow Rugby, hopefully you will enjoy the banter. We also do a Monday night Rugby Leaue phone-In for fans who want to talk about the game. This Monday we welcome the Wolves Captain LEE BRIERS to take calls. If you know any Wolves fans who might not know about us then please tell them or better still get them to call us on Monday 01925 42 38 38 and we will call them back. We also welcome emails and reports from all other Warrington sporting teams. Any sport and any league. studio@radioworm.co.uk We really want to become involved in all things Warrington and with your help I am sure we will succeed
  9. Hello everybody. Many thanks for your nice comments. I am one of the DJ's on Radio WORM and I am delighted that our online radio station has received such a great reception from Warrington Worldwide readers. As you can see on the "about us" section we are keen to serve and entertain the people of Warrington as well as possible so any suggestions that are put on this thread will be taken very seriously. Happy Listening, Steve Lewis (Radio Worm afternoons from 4)
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