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  1. Just heard about this whilst walking the dogs - the proposed access expressway appears to go through the Thelwall British Legion and possibly my house - appears the former railway embankment and latchford viaduct will be modified to allow road traffic. As this is right next to my house you think the council would have done a letter drop in our cul-de-sac, warning our houses are at risk from development of the embankment as part on the consultation.
  2. Drove past today and there are bulldozers on the railway embankment by Grammar School road removing all the trees - yet nothing on WBC's planning portal only the original scoping report for an Environmental impact assessment - wont be much wildlife left to access at this rate
  3. Words fail me on this - developers workers lit a fire in the historic farmhouse every day to dry their clothes - and sometimes left it burning overnight http://www.warrington-worldwide.co.uk/2016/02/17/farm-blaze-may-have-been-caused-by-fire-to-keep-workers-warm/
  4. They knocked one historic barn down last week - now http://www.warringtonguardian.co.uk/news/14279408.Farm_house_fire_closes_Bell_Lane_in_Thelwall/ref=fbpg/ How do they get away with it
  5. From a light distribution point of view, compared to the traditional Amber Sodium bulbs they are rubbish spaced at the same distance. The old Amber street lights effectively bleed illumination over a greater footprint - in Thelwall now when I walk the dogs in the dark I go from areas of pitch blackness to the isolated very bright floodlights that are the new LED street lights, which give a circle of light immediately below the pole - hence why they are taller to traditional lamp posts to try and alleviate this defect . Its obvious you need closer grouped led lights to get the same area illuminated for a worth while effect compared to the older amber Sodium lights - was this factored into the whole life cost - I bet not as they quote like for like replacement on numbers - again someone with no technical knowledge signed up on potential cost saving that in asset efficiency terms i.e. illumination quality doesn't exist.
  6. Hmm - just extended our house which required partial demolition/removal of the gable end which looked equally as bad if not worse than this so called collapse - have the Police engineers never heard of Acro props - did they consult a chartered civil engineer. Amateurs in charge of protecting our heritage
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    This is quite interesting http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-33535561
  8. In the day the Aluminium smelter in Latchford makes a similar banging and buzzing noise - have they started a night shift to take advantage of cheaper electricity tariff. Just walked past with the dog and its humming away like a 50's B movie UFO
  9. Developer appears to be considering removing the disused railway embankment and bridges at Latchford in order to build more housing. Strange thing is they are planning to build upto the high level bridge but leaving it intact ? http://planning.warrington.gov.uk/swiftlg/apas/run/WPHAPPDETAIL.DisplayUrl?theApnID=2015/25532&backURL=Search%20Criteria
  10. wirerob1

    Mr Smiths

    Gary - thought the same due to windows etc round the entrance showing no sign of heat damage - but looks like the demolition team have different orders https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=825301924206499&set=o.1384112351880775&type=2&theater
  11. I,ve been looking for the picture of Gandy's clog shop on Mersey Street as I am a relative of him, and my grandmother gave permission to the museum to remove the shops tools and contents prior to demolition. I also still have a pair of his clogs made for me as a toddler in the late 60's. Cheers for sharing this picture Rob Gandy
  12. Hi I presently work in Dawson House and to be honest it really is a nice modern working environment and it will be a sad day if finally the developers get planning permission. However UU have decided that the Lingley Mere site (barely 300 yards away ) is the site to centralise everyone who works both for them and in partnership with them, and it has now become the new HQ site for United Utilities. This site is presently undergoing massive expansion both in infrastructure and the no of people employed, and already dwarfs the Dawson House site by comparison - so as far as UU are concerned, who I believe may be one of the largest employers in the North West, Warrington is the best place to be both located and to expand. Hope this helps clear up some of the doom about the possible redevelopment of the Dawson House site.
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