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  1. Mmmm attachment didn't attach - for info
  2. POPLA appeal unsuccessful - so beware. Thanks for your help though.
  3. Dizzy, I just re-read you post questioning which car park. It is the large one on the right after you have turned into Central Way. This is the one behind the sign that Milky has taken the picture of - I presumed (maybe wrongly?) that this sign referred to the car park - the fence for which the sign is attached..? Must admit after I read it on the day of the alleged offence (maybe naively) that I would be ok to drop off and pick up for s few minutes. I will keep you posted on any result be that positive or negative. Ta, Yorkie
  4. Hey Milky and Dizzy, You guys are brilliant. Apologies for silence from this end as I have been away over Easter weekend. I came home to find on my doormat the response to my appeal letter requesting more info including pictures. I don't think my letter has even been read. It is an automated letter which states... "...your appeal has been unsuccessful and you have now reached the end of our appeals procedure". (what procedure??) But as a gesture of goodwill they have given me another two weeks to pay up £60 before it goes back up to £100 again. Milky - your video and photo are great and will be going in as evidence to POPLA and if no success there then the Ombudsman! Thanks again. Yorkie
  5. I have lodged an appeal that the signs are misleading but this is based on my (flaky) memory and Google maps photo from last July. The photos on the parking fine letter are clearly my car and 10 mins 37 secs apart from driving in to driving out. I have asked for them to provide photos of the signs, I'll probably get back some legal blurb that they comply with some statutory minium requirements! I doubt that without current photographic evidence I'll have a leg to stand on. Here s hoping!
  6. the ticket is issued by ParkingEye which uses electronic number plate recognition. The car park I used is right next to the station - one end of it is right next to the station entrance steps. I can visualise more parking at the end of the road which the car park in question runs along the side of, but don't clock it as a different car park hence my interest in the signs
  7. Does anyone have our could easily get a photo of the car park signage? I dropped off my wife and son there for 5 mins in the morning and waited 10 mins 37 sec to collect them in the evening and just received £100 fine for the pleasure. I live 100 miles away so can't check, but swear I read a free short stay sign on the way in and didn't pay attention after that as I knew I would only be there for minutes. There is such a sign on Google Maps but the photo is dated July 2016. many thanks
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