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  1. On ‎4‎/‎4‎/‎2017 at 10:15 PM, Anthonypr said:

    ...just wondering if any of the old faces a still about, having just got back on after 10 years awal, 

    is steve sober, Mary, Alana and Brenda still about? To name a few I've not seen posting whiles waiting to be validated by admin...

    Hello all,

    Well I joined only in January this year when Dizzy and other members helped me resolve some of my Wheeldon family history of Warrington queries,  so not one of the "old faces".

    But thought would join in here anyway, even if only just to say hello for now, after receiving an "updates" email notification from the site. Since was last here, I've started inputting the Wheeldon family tree online at geni.com, so when I eventually finish it, I'll post a link to it on the Warrington Now and Then - History board.

    Bye for now, Cas :)

  2. Hello Dizzy and everyone,


    Not done much research this week, but got some more census images. So just a little update on my Wheeldons, (might be useful info for someone else googling for Warrington Wheeldons in the future)


    1911 Warrington census ref - RG14 / 23132 / Reg Dist 459 /Sub-dist 4 / En.dist 2 / Sch.No.76
    (Edwin Senior's widow Ann Wheeldon, and unmarried daughter Mary)

    50 Norris St. Warrington.
    Ann Wheeldon / Head / Widow / Private Income / age 80 b.Cumberland Egremont
    Mary Wheeldon / Dau / Single / House Keeper (at home) / age 41  b.Lancashire Warrington


    number of rooms in the house = 6 / number of children born: 3 / still living: 2 / died: 1 / Ann's signature is on the document.


    Both Ann and Mary died in Warrington, Ann in1913, Mary in 1941.


    Edwin Wheeldon Junior, the clergyman......
    1901 Census -  in Leek, Staffordshire as "Clergyman (Church of England)"
    with wife Isabel Maud, their first child - another Edwin b1899, and two servants.


    1911 Census - now resident at The Rectory on Biddulph Moor with his younger son Charles (b1903), and a servant.
    Older son Edwin is resident at boarding school in Leatherhead, Surrey, at "St Johns Foundation School for sons of Clergy of the Church of England".
    Wife Isabel is in Colwyn Bay, resident with two other ladies, surname Hayes, at what looks like might be a holiday cottage. The bottom right corner of the form is signed by one of the other ladies and with her address in Leigh Lancashire. (ie - not the Colwyn Bay address they were at).


    A bit of an ironic twist to this story is that Edwin Wheeldon Senior and his first wife Sarah (before their marriage) in 1841 census were working as servants to a clergyman in a Rectory in Radbourne, Derbyshire! and it ends up that his own son becomes vicar at a Rectory, with his own servants!  :P


    Bye for now


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  3. Hello again Dizzy and Sha,


    Thank you so much Dizzy, I can read it all very clearly. It's wonderful to have this and will get me moving along with more research on my Wheeldon cousins!. Haven't a lot of time just now - off to babysit my grandsons in a minute - but needed to pop in to see this and drop a few lines, then will be back some time over weekend.


    About Edwin Wheeldon Junior's siblings - I don't know the Jackson connection yet (though Bradwell rings bells) - but won't be through his two sisters born in Warrington, as there were only 2 (as far as I can find) - Eliza Wheeldon who was an infant death (born/died 1871), and Mary Wheeldon b.1870 who seems to have remained unmarried until her elderly death in Warrington in 1941 (been trying to find her on the 1939 register database at FMP but no luck with that). The sisters Eliza and Mary were both baptised at Holy Trinity, Warrington. The baptism records confirm father Edwin's occupation as Innkeeper, and abode - Sankey Street.


    But anyway, Edwin Jnr had half-siblings (born in Derby) from his father Edwin Snr's first marriage (to Sarah Haynes b.in Derby). The youngest was Catherine who must've moved to the pub in Warrington with her dad, step-mum & half-brother Edwin Jnr, as I've found her burial record (on Lancashire OPC) - died age 20..................

    Burial: 2 Dec 1869 St Elphin, Warrington.
     Catherine Wheeldon - Age: 20 yrs Abode: Sankey St.
         Buried by: Fras. Tofts / Register: Burials 1863 - 1875, Page 202, Entry 1611


    Need to reflect back to the other Derby-born half-siblings to see what I'd already got for them, and study more closely the information in the funeral news clip.


    Edwin Jnr's mother (Edwin Snr's widow), Ann Wheeldon (nee Burrow) died in 1913 in Warrington age 82.


    Ann with unmarried daughter Mary seem to be the only remaining Wheeldons in Warrington by the 1911 census (unless I've missed others).


    Many thanks again, I'll be back. :P  :P



  4. Hi Dizzy and Sha,


    Dizzy thank you so much for those admission registers images and information about Edwin Wheeldon Junior. Oh wow that's great! I had on census documents that he was born in Southport though two younger sisters were born in Warrington. (Edwin Snr also had older children from his first marriage - his first wife Sarah died 1865 at Woodchurch, Birkenhead, then in 1867 he married Ann Burrow in Plemstall, north west Cheshire, then they moved to north of the Mersey - must've been Southport first then to Warrington.)


    As yet I'd only reached the stage where had suspected Edwin Jnr might have become a Vicar or Priest, because discovered him in the 1891 Cumberland census at St Bees as "a student of theology"  here......


    1891 census ref: RG12 / 4316 Folio 93 Page 8, sch no 57.
    Cumberland, Whitehaven, Village and Parish of St Bees.
    Parliamentary Division: Egremont, Grindal Place,

    (A number of residents of different surnames here, including.............)
    Edwin Wheeldon - Lodger - Single - 22 (b.1869) - Student Of Theology - b.Southport, Lancashire.


    Egremont was his mother Ann's town of birth, so possibly also had maternal family connections in that area.


    (Interesting to think that this Edwin Wheeldon Jnr was first cousin to my great-great-granddad Edwin Topping who by that time was living in Blackburn, and one of my Edwin Topping's sons (my granddad's uncle) also became a Reverend)


    Really grateful for the following information Dizzy - I didn't have any of this yet - wonderful!!


    .................... A native of Southport and educated at Warrington Grammar School and St Bees College.
    Ordained at Liverpool
    First Curacy was at St. Polycarps, Everton
    He was then Curate at Biddulph for 7 and 1/2 years
    After 2 years as curate-in-charge at Meir he became Vicar of Buddulph where he remained for 15 years
    He was then appointed to Horton and held that position for 14 years
    He'd was the Vicar of Horton (near Leek).

    When Edwin Jnr died, aged 64, his wife was on holiday with their youngest son who was also a Vicar, (he was The Rev C B Wheeldon and was the Rector of Stretton in Rutlandshire)............................. etc


    Oh my! that's so interesting, I'm going to study all this some more now about Edwin Jnr. I know what you mean about getting carried away looking around the records - I do that too! I'd felt I'd gone as far back as I can for now with my direct ancestors, so started looking in more depth at some of their siblings & descendents.


    Talk again ............. thanks so much. :P :P

  5. Oh what fabulous old images Dizzy, thank you! They give a real "feel" of how it was in the old days, don't they. Especially that lower one - including the shop fronts, old style vehicles, pram, and the Charlie Chaplin look-alike on the left facing the camera!


    It was because of those posted by Evil Sid and bazj that I then was able to recognise the Woolpack pub on the photo on the History Society's page - which then led to these posted by yourself!


    You amazing people! Thank you all so much!


    Cas :P :P  :P

  6. Bazj,

    Thanks very much for posting the old image, that's a good view of it on both sides of the corner, isn't it. Is it OK if I save a copy of it? I'm trying to "officially" get a copy of the other one that Evil Sid directed me to too.


    What a pity it was demolished, a fine old building with character, unlike the replacement Woolpack you posted the image of. Yes, that looks typical of the 60s/70s type concrete boxes and does look pretty soul-less as Davy51 commented.


    I came across another old photo on the Warrington History Society site - quite a way down this page......
    this is their image url (hope I'm allowed to post link to it here)....

    and if I've recognised it correctly - it looks as though that's the Woolpack on the corner and judging from the appearance of the old clock on the building opposite, this must be an older photo.


    Really glad I googled to this forum, you've been really helpful, many thanks to all  :P

  7. ........  the email system which appears not to like outlook.com and gmail.com addresses and will not validate with them..................


    :arrow:  My pennyworth for info, in case any help - this is probably correct as I'd also registered with my outlook.com e-address then had the problems getting validated. Emailed the contact address also from outlook.com address, and no response after a long time. So then emailed later from my ISP address and that worked fine, as received response from Gary very soon afterwards.



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  8. Thanks very much Sid,


    Yes it does look on that old photo that's the Woolpack on the corner doesn't it, when compared to a modern photo of the location.....

    here at google maps............. https://goo.gl/cwwNr1  Now Specsavers & where Bold Street meets Sankey Street if I've got that right?.

    And with The White Hart still there on the opposite corner, also listed as another pub on Sankey Street on algy's 1871 list


    and from the sign on the old photo, it looks that was Tetleys - who I understand took over Walkers brewery who had already owned the Woolpack.

    That's great - I'll go and find that image via the Cheshire Archives route as you described.


    Really grateful for this, many thanks. :)  :)


  9. Hello I'm new here, so hoping I'm posting this in the right place.


    Somehow googled my way here whilst researching my Wheeldon ancestors, and was looking for an old photo of the Woolpack pub that was on Sankey Street. But doesn't seem to be any such photo online, does anyone know where I might find one?


    Noted this entry from list compiled by your forums member algy at his topic

    "Ale Houses, Inn's, Tavern & Hotels, Warrington 1871-1895. Pt 3" - from 1871 Worral's Directory........
    Woolpack  -  51 Sankey Street  -  Edwin Wheeldon


    I've been researching Edwin Wheeldon's story.  He was from Derby, born 1820 and brother of my g.g.g.grandma Mary Topping nee Wheeldon, who also ended up in Lancashire - (in Blackburn in fact where I still live). I have the 1871 census image for Edwin and his family at the Woolpack - I can share that if anyone interested. By 1881 census Edwin was recorded as “retired innkeeper” living at 115 Lovely Lane, Warrington, then in 1891 at 1 Goulden Street where he died in 1898. His widow Ann and youngest daughter Mary were still at 1 Goulden Street in the 1901 census.


    Also have scan of a newspaper page from 1872 which includes a report about Edwin and the pub -  so for interest, here's my transcription of it:


    from - The Manchester Evening News, Tuesday, April 16th, 1872
    "...IMPORTANT TO PUBLICANS. - At the Warrington Police Court, yesterday, Mr. Edwin Wheeldon, manager of the Woolpack beerhouse, for Mr. Walker, brewer, was summoned for selling exciscable liquors in premises not licensed for that purpose. It appeared that Mr. Walker had purchased the Woolpack public house, which he afterwards enlarged, in order to meet the requirements of the public. The new premises were opened for the sale of excisable liquors on Saturday week, and the old portion of the building was shut up. The prosecution alleged that the new premises were of such a nature as to necessitate an application being made for a fresh licence, but admitted that portions of the new building were erected on the old site. After an hour's consultation, the magority of the bench was in favour of the defendant being find £5 and costs. An appeal was granted."



    Wondering if I have any Wheeldon distant cousins still living in Warrington!? :P

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