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  1. Dizzy I haven't recieved a personal message
  2. Thanks Gary the council have kindly agreed to put it back in place, we are hoping that this has been done for when we go tomorrow. We are frightened of it happening again so we are looking for a better solution. Thanks for the offer though, it is very much appreciated.
  3. Thanks For you help Dizzy and thanks to your friend for reporting it or we wouldn't have know until our next visit on Dads birthday tomorrow x
  4. On behalf of the family I am appalled to read some of the comments on here. My Dad had nothing to do with the council, He used to initially love fishing at ackers pit and later loved to take his great grand children to feed the swans at the spot where the memorial bench was placed. My Daughter surprised us all with the bench as it gave us all a place to visit and remember this beautiful man who would never have had a bad thing to say about anyone. We have had a really upsetting weekend and reading some of these comments has made it worse. I would be grateful if the focus could be on finding the culprits and allowing us to give my Dad the respect he deserved
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