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  1. Sorry for late reply I don't get notifications when people have commented on here. Yes it was fully concreted back down and pinned down. It's happening late at night. It was put back tuesday and uprooted again Tuesday night .... Please help find the vandals so we can help stop this from happening to any other items not just my Grandads bench..... Thanks for our help Gary & Dizzy
  2. To keep all who are interested in helping find the scum that decide to vandalise a memorial bench.... We had the bench put back yesterday.... Overnight the bench has been uprooted for a second time..... If anyone has seen anything or knows anything please let me know Thanks Nikki
  3. Apology accepted, I understand that when reading something it can easily be taken out of context, however knowing this I personally would have been extra careful as to what I am writing and whom may take offence even if there was no intent to offend.... I think this is why your posts were deleted in the interest of people like me. Thank you for taking the time to respond.... And I hope we can all move on and try to find the thugs (if I'm thinking of a nicer word) of whom caused all this in the first place!! Keep sharing the article and hope that someone has some key information to share!! Gary cctv would be great but it's costly and I guess due to funding it may not be feasible. Frustrated that there's only so much we can do!!
  4. No one asked directly who paid for the bench and no one said he WAS associated with the council but did you or did you not say this which would in turn get the responses of who got the bench and that he wasn't associated with the council? "Was the bloke an ex councillor or not? If not then why should the Parish Council honour him by way of a plaque on a bench?" Why the above would have been said I do not know as why would this be relevant to the thugs who vandalised something of greater value to us than the cost of the bench and plaque itself... Anyhow opinions as to why the bench is there, who it is for, what Fred was like as a man are in my opinion to be kept to yourselves as the point to this story is that we live in a world where people are that disrespectful you can't even grieve in peace...
  5. Thank you for your kind words and please pass on our gratitude to your friend Dizzy who got it out the water and reported it. We really appreciate it, we live in hope that it won't happen again!!! X
  6. Hi, let me introduce myself..... I am Freds Grandaughter.... And just to clarify.... Yes his family are reading all comments.... Thank you to those of you supporting trying to find the thugs who disrespectfully pulled out.... Dragged and through my Grandads memorial bench into ackers pit water... Just before his birthday of which would have been tomorrow.... To those of you who felt the need to judge Fred without knowing and assuming things about Fred... Please keep your thoughtless opinions to yourself.... Fred hurt nobody... And let me tell you he was always the upmost gentleman... If only this generation of children were brought up to be as respectful and caring as Fred was then this kind of thing would never happen.... I chose ackers pit for my Grandads memorial bench because as I was growing up I spent so much time with him feeding the ducks and the swans, fred always enjoyed fishing at the pit and had spent his last few years showing my children his great grandchildren the beautiful things that ackers pit offers.... He was not associated with the council I approached the council with the request of purchasing and cementing down a bench not only for our use to reminisce about Fred but for other people who enjoy walking around the pit and watching/feeding the ducks swans and fish to use..... Unfortunately the thugs who feel the need to ruin things that don't belong to them will probably get away with this U less we make use of the power of social networking, so I stead of judging 'Fred' do the right thing and share this message, someone must know something... Thank you for respecting fred and his family at this time and all the help is much appreciated RIP fred..... You were such a beautiful amazing man
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