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  1. How is that even possible when you have to put in a UK postcode to sign it? Could this just be another falsehood from the Leave liars?
  2. I wasn't going to bother, but let's start with the legalities. The directors' legal duty is to the company, and make sure it's viable; if we try to "represent bus users", especially in our own wards, it's a conflict of interest! But the underlying philosophy at Network Warrington is of course to run a comprehensive service for the benefit of the Warrington public, at a lower profit margin than the "big boys", who would only run where they can guarantee profits into double figures (and local authorities simply cannot now pick up the slack, with budget cuts to provision of noncommercial services). As this is a thread about congestion, I'll not respond in more detail about the factors behind national and local drop in bus usage, but obviously out of town retail parks cut bus use, so do out of town offices (not now helped by the government allowing virtually any office to be converted to residential), and this is down to national planning guidance rather than local planning decisions. If people used all the lanes available at traffic lights, that would help congestion - e.g. why do so many drivers use the nearside lane on Winwick Road northbound approaching Cromwell Avenue even when going straight on?
  3. Most transport firms (from airlines to local bus companies) "hedge" against fuel price rises by bulk buying of fuel in advance. The last deal was before the recent slump in prices, which no-one predicted. And if cheaper fuel means people use their cars more, then that cuts bus journeys and revenue, and increases congestion. I'm not sure how you count 17 sets of lights, though it's in double figures. Unless you want traffic on side roads and Alban never to get out onto or cross the A49, is there any alternative to traffic lights? So far as I know, everyone thinks the new lights replacing the Long Lane roundabout have improved things. And before the Cockhedge roundabout is raised: the perception is that the lights cause congestion, but (as oft repeated) the lights only come on when tailbacks have already built up (and then it would be chaos as without the lights drivers would block the roundabout).
  4. I'm not sure if it wasn't a bit generated by a Warrington Worldwide article headed Anger as discount supermarket group moves in
  5. If you were selling your house, and the prospective buyers found out it was near one of the sites being considered, would you still say the Council should have published the list?
  6. If that was what every councillor got, we might get better councillors! That's only the leader's package, and whether he thinks it's "part-time" would be a good question. Do you really know Warrington councillors who think of it as a career?
  7. I wouldn't call being a councillor in Warrington "a political career"!
  8. Our award-winning Guardians? http://public-art.shu.ac.uk/other/warrington/00000015.htm For a quarter of the price of Brum's Floozie in the Jacuzzi I'd say we got good value. http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/news-opinion/floozie-jacuzzi-runs-up-eye-watering-6450838 In 20 years we'll have the save our skittles heritage campaign...
  9. daveewood


    It doesn't really give any guide to pressure on the GPs unless you know how many GPs are in the practice. Getting through depends on how many receptionists they employ.
  10. http://www.chesterchronicle.co.uk/news/chester-cheshire-news/stuck-middle-over-glass-development-5288263 Is it quite as grey_man portrays the case? I'm not sure if the Supreme Court decision totally vindicated Farrall's advice but it seems less clear cut than the suggestion that Farrall "allowed it to be built", or that he somehow broke the law.
  11. I presume this is a mischievous reference to the Quinn Glass case. Didn't the Supreme Court eventually uphold Chester Council's approach?
  12. What do you think the result of a referendum on that would be?
  13. the quote "when the area around the memorial may change to accommodate changing opportunities and priorities within the town." is exactly what has happened here I took that as code for maybe it won't always be a traffic island. Get all the new roads built, including somehow a high level one over the ship canal from Walton and one of the bridges near the memorial might be pedestrianised. Move the traffic rather than the memorial.
  14. That's serious, and that's recent. I've no idea why you (or Dizzy) think I don't agree. But this thread began as about recent cases of inconsistency with hints of corruption, and you've said you can't quote them because of the destruction of pre-1996 records, but that doesn't stop anyone coming up with cases since 1996, and so far there's nothing that would pass as 'evidence'. Cases every week in the newspapers this year, Evil Sid said, but he's kept his head down since I asked him to back that up. You might be right, but saying there are lots of cases and then saying you can't prove it because of a cover-up is just conspiracy theory stuff. Can we now call it a draw?
  15. Sha, I didn't think there was any doubt who did it. 'A senior planning officer who had since left the Council had arranged to destroy records forming part of the statutory planning register'. Another officer knew it was unlawful but didn't do anything to stop it, and he's left the authority. It's possible others knew but (your words) their involvement in the matter has not been fully established, though you then say it has been established that they were at least aware of what was going on. That's hardly a basis for disciplinary action, and I still don't know which was the greenbelt case that was supposed to be inconsistent As for grey_man, I'll bow to his more intimate knowledge, or guesswork, of who knew what, but the records destroyed were pre-1996 - so we have 18 years of records since, so what are the cases that would back up his claim that 'anybody who has followed local news for a period of years will be aware of one particular surname frequently associated with retrospective planning approvals and one thing and another'.
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