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  1. Thankyou all! Found it! Little scrote didn't get very far and I found it in a ditch not far from the house! Hurrah!
  2. Stolen between 12 midnight and 7am Thursday 4th September. Reg: HNP 307T Yamaha DT 175 red and white Quite rough looking - no exhaust - had large paglock on rear wheel Any news please call Manchester Police on 101 and quote 412 Thankyou
  3. Hi Dizzy, Thankyou! I have already rung the council - they don't have anything available at the mo as they are carrying out asbestos checks! They have sent me an application form - but the delay is looooooong! Thankyou!
  4. Hello! Hope this is the right section! I am in the process of restoring my Classic Mini - her name is Dolly! Unfortunately the garage I was planning on using has let me down! So I need a garage/ workshop to rent for about 2 months! All the horrible dirty work is done - I just need a space I can use to build it back up - put all the shiny bits on! I have googled til my fingers are raw and rung every self storage company in the area - to no avail! Does anyone know - or have a garage they would be able to rent for a few months to a friendly, clean, tidy professional couple and their mini? Hopefully as close to Birchwood as possible? Any tips or advice greatly appreciated! Many Thanks
  5. No worries - have sent another just now
  6. Thankyou so much guys - have rung around and got some good quotes! So excited! Dizzy did you get my message? x
  7. Hello! Hopefully (fingers crossed!) I should be buying a house soon hurrah! Would really really appreciate any recommendations for solicitors - either a standard one or those who specialise in conveyancing! To me the power of a recommendation is worth its weight in gold - so please feel free to add your good and bad experiences! Thankyou x
  8. No bites yet thanks Dizzy - have dropped the price and if still no luck ebay here we come!
  9. Lol! Its 2002 so still pretty new looking and respectable! My other halfs car is 32 years old - and hasn't let us down once!
  10. And RC I don't quite understand what your saying? Do you mean you think my car is worthless and no point in selling it? Or are you saying this forum is only for people with expensive cars? When I signed up to this forum I don't remember a box having to declare my income??
  11. The Polo is the newest car I've ever owned - my other car is a classic mini - in all fairness its been nice to have heating options other than just on/off......
  12. I wish! We have just bought a passat estate (better to the gallon and can actually fit the dog in the back!) Went to Formby beach in it the otherday and noticed it has little power outlets in the back - perfect for a mini kettle.....
  13. I'll see how it goes - if I get no bites will pop it on ebay And who ever buys it will most likely be localish - who drives miles and miles to buy a car?
  14. I know - Ebays great! I'm a bit of a cheap arse tho and will try and sell it for free before I will pay!
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