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  1. Unlikely to agree with the 57%, think it's a done deal. C'est la vie. Think you are right there Paul... Noticed in yesterdays 'other' paper that the council new logo was already being used on an advert so Mondays meeting is just a formality... Sounds like Monday will be a busy day all round for various rubber stamping and other twaddle that people don't get any say on
  2. Thank you observer.... but in my opinion it's unimportant 'who' called for the meeting. Just a pity the LOT of them couldnt discuss such a simple thing in a civilised and proactive manner ! So round and round in circles they will all go, with one lot blaming the other lot and vice versa.....and getting no-where! At least Labour will now know how it feel to battle against the 'council' legally over an issue (if indeed they decide to take it that far.) But they will soon realise that the 'alliance' in charge will just IGNORE them and their complaints ....and carry on regardless !!
  3. Observer..... Yes CONSULT.... which is why this has all blown up out of proportion ie PEOPLE (whether they be council bods or the more important public ) were not TOLD ot ASKED before it was decided!! If you care to read the press etc etc you'd see why a lot of PEOPLE are not too impressed about losing their old logo! And, if like you say 'It it's such a stupid issue' then WHY DID THE COUNCIL HOLD AN EXTRAORDINARY MEETING FOR THREE BLUMMIN HOURS ABOUT IT !!!! Are you a Lib Dem by any chance
  4. Well said Gary ... look forward to hearing the answer you get from them (although I think we all have a pretty good idea what they'll say though eh )
  5. I dont blame the Labour bods for walking out. THREE hours to discuss such a simple thing as a logo...
  6. I've seen something very similar recently too. It wasn't Arriva Busses but for the life of me I cant think where or what it was to do with! Now it's really bugging me !
  7. Must admit I've never really given much though to our Town's logo. It's just something that is there and that we all recognise, as I'm sure others do too! But the new logo is BORING Zzzzzz.
  8. Dizzy

    Ackers Pit.

    Hi Peter Thanks but not really much point in contacting the chap as the deed has been done. Poor little fishes Perhaps the ones which are now in the canal will be better off anyway as there's more space to swim off and hide from the dreaded hook and the mad humans who sit there all day, with only maggots as companions, in the hope of catching one of them
  9. Dizzy

    Ackers Pit.

    Peter In your quote it said that Thousands of carp, however, have had to be humanely destroyed because of the risk of infection. Does that meant that none of the carp were transferred to the Bridgewater Canal and were all destroyed and only the other fish eg bream etc etc were moved? Any idea ? Seems such a shame to have killed so many becasue of the risk of infection as there were some good fish in there. Wonder if they caught the famous one who for years had apparently lived under the bridge which many a fisherman/fisherchild always had high hopes of catching. I realise there was a quite a problem last year on the canal with carp unexpectedly dying but surely the ones from Ackers could have been moved to a 'safe area' of some sort, perhaps at a local fishery, then moved back home again when the work was completed. [ 11.03.2007, 22:30: Message edited by: Dismayed ]
  10. Have to agree with some of Tara Dad's comments. I do however think Pink L's idea was a great one. They have just ruined it by other franchises getting ripped off and members losing money in the process too ! Good idea blown by greed ! That aside I can't help to wonder why they are so intent to continue to operate in the way they do ie no licensing etc etc etc ... Why dont they just get licenced?.. why do they need meetings with the Transport Minister and even the Queen......? Public safety should be first and foremost in all this. Warrington Borough Council have a very good article on their web site.... WELL THAT'S A FIRST FOR ME (and them).. it relates to the hiring of stretch Limo's etc. How many parents would love to hire one of these for their kids 16th etc... Well WBC points out that the vehicle 'must be Licensed by either the Department for Transport OR a Local Authority. If you are told there is a ?special? licence BEWARE ? there is no such thing. Licensing of these vehicles, provides safeguards and protection for the passengers using them. Only if the vehicle is Licensed by the Department for Transport or the Local Authority ? has it been properly examined to ensure that it is safe to carry members of the public. Quite simply ? if the vehicle is not Licensed ? it is not insured for carrying passengers for reward. There are even more concerns that you should have about the drivers of these vehicles. Only if the driver has been Criminal Records Bureau vetted by the Local Authority can you be sure that they are considered ?fit? to drive ? in terms of any criminal history/concerns....' It ends with the question 'WHO?S DRIVING YOU/YOUR CHILDREN HOME TONIGHT?????' Before anyone tells me that WBC have a vetted interest by way of licensing fees... yes I know... but for once I agree with them and it certainly makes you think !!
  11. Think that's the problem. It is all too common ,legal and in my opinion easy Create yourself a 'Licence To Diddle' (Ltd) company and you can just do that. Your debts start to build up...you owe more than you can handle... you take orders, receive the payment but then realise you can't produce... whatever the scenario when the going gets too tough you just close down and all your debts just go away overnight. Then you start all over again with a fresh slate! It leaves the door wide open for companies being set up just to do this sort of thing.... I'm not saying PL's have done this but many other so called companies do
  12. Not heard the sponsorship message, are they asking for sponsors themselves? The Midweek 'little rag' (dated 26th) says 'Pink Ladies Ltd' has now been bought out by 'Warrington Pink Ladies Ltd'. 'PL Ltd' went into voluntarty liquidation at the start of Nov. The administrator company dealing with it said the 'company' ceased to trade on 6 Nov and that it's business and assets have now been sold.... that was quick ... The buying company 'Warr PL Ltd' has the two original founders of the company as co-directors. So there it is.. clear as mud !?!? The Warrington branch is definately still trading anyway which will be good news for all the people who use their services..... but not such good news for those who bought the failed francises eh :confused:
  13. Been trying to follow all this and I'm now completely confused as to the current state of PL's. Am I right in thinking that the firm is split into seperate companies and it's only the one that deals with the franchise side that's gone bust (so to speak, oops Could do with knowing though :confused:
  14. Interesting suff on todays news Gary. A question however.. It states that PL has gone into administration but it's founder says 'due to a restructuring of the business' the firm now still 'continues to expand'. How can a company go into adminstration but continue to expand at the same time?? Weird !
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