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  1. No I don't have a water meter Asp. On their website there is a facility where you enter details such as how many people in the house, how may wash loads you do a week, showers, baths blah blah and it then advises if you would benefit from having a water meter. Based on what I entered it said we'd pay more with a water meter which surprised me especially was we don't have baths. I didn't even mention my obsession with jet washing ha ha.
  2. Makes no difference what people think as there's nowt any of us can do about it and we have to pay it as there is no 'shop around for cheaper quote elsewhere' option. Same with United Utilities Water Bills too... that's the price and you are stuck with it... Hard luck...
  3. Yes Dizzy does do Sundays Gary but alas this weekend 10 hours each day in her real job...sorry I didn't know you couldn't cope without me . I will send you a copy of my work rota so you know when I'm fully available in my free time if you like lol All was working fine the times I did come on though....but slap on the wrist for me which I will accept cos I've actually only just noticed this 'forum problem' topic 👀
  4. I'm not sure what her actual crimes were or are on paper PJ other than her fleeing to join ISIS and supporting their atrocities. Did you watch the quite lengthy interview of her that has been publicised over the past few days? She clearly shows no remorse for leaving to join ISIS nor did she show any emotion whatsoever regarding the beheading of people or the bombing of innocent people and children Manchester and other places other than to say she believed it was right...life for a life and all that. The only reason she wants to come back here is because she's now alone over there and has a baby who she 'wants a better life for'. Did she ever want to come back with her other two children she had over there who have sadly died . I say 'sadly' as it's not the kids faults and it is sad that because of HER they were born and died there in a land of evil. I have no problem with her little baby coming back to the UK but NO WAY SHOULD SHE EVER BE LET BACK IN....SHE IS CLEARLY STILL OF THE MINDSET THAT WHAT TERRORISTS DO IS OK.
  5. Not that Range Asp, the one I was talking about was just off Manchester Road opposite the cemetery gates. Milky is correct though as it did close longer ago than I thought but certainly not last century as the last thing I bought from there was my washer so maybe a year or two ago. I was thinking I'd bought my dad's freezer from there last summer but it was from the other similar shop just round the corner from it on marsh house Lane. Silly me.
  6. I'd love to have a horse and cart to travel around in but alas not living in a rural village (well it was once) I have nowhere to keep my horsey and cart so alas I will just have to keep my petrol fuel propelled car and Mr Dizzy will have to keep his gas guzzler Diesel as he doesn't like horses anyway. I wouldn't really want an electric car as surely long term there is more to go wrong and they cost more to fix. Maybe I'm wrong though.... I'm happy to be corrected and converted..... I think it's nice that kids are taking an interest in their future and that of our planet though
  7. I didn't know that the council now charged to removed white goods either Milky. Yes I knew they had always charged for sofas and other household bulky goods but fridges, freezers, washing machines (ie white goods even if they were not actually white) were always taken at no charge. Have to admit though that I've never used the service (either paid for or not) as when I did ring last year they said I had to book a specific day for collection and their first available slot was almost 3 weeks away plus they said I also leave my item covered from the elements so it didn't get wet or they wouldn't take it and also had to be put on our drive with full access to the collection team and not left anywhere else .....which is not much use to anyone like me who doesn't have a blummin drive is it lol. It was ok though cos we managed to cut it all up with a saw, axe and metal grinder and deposited it at the local tip with a few trips in a big 4x4. I was quite therapeutic battling to chop it up to be honest ha ha. As for white goods though we took my dads small under counter fridge and freezer to Gateworth Tip in the car but when we bought our new washer, oven etc from the shop that used to be off Manchester Road (was it called Range?) they took the old broken ones away when they delivered the new one for free. I think a lot of places will actually take your old one away for recycling the same day they deliver a new one now but I could be wrong.
  8. So more scare tactics to put fear and mass panic into peoples minds and yes a ploy to either make us (the UK people) think 'Shite maybe we'd best not leave after all then'. Probably a ploy to put fear into all other countries who may be quietly thinking that they may leave too. Such a large proportion of people here and around the world are diabetic and NEED insulin so no wonder they are trying this tactic to keep us all REMAIN. The more scare stories I see the more determined I am that we should LEAVE and put 2 fingers up to the lot of them. YES WE WILL ALL BE OK...IF WE CAN SURVIVE 2 ATROCIOUS WORLD WARS AND THE REST WE CAN BLOODY SURVIVE BREXIT !
  9. Hiya Eddie and sorry for my slow reply as I've only just seen your post on here as I've been AWOL for a few days. I was the one who reset your Password for you the other day after your contacted Gary. Seems you have it sorted now though and YES you do have to log in using your Display Name not your Email Address. I tend to never bother logging out of the Forum regardless of how I am accessing it so whenever I come on either via my desktop pc, tablet of mobile phone it's just there. I've been a member for well over 10 years and leaving it logged in has never caused me a problem. I suppose the only downside of me not logging out is that I do sometimes worry that my son will come on my desktop pc etc and post random things on the forum in my name. He's big enough for me to thump though if he ever does ha ha .
  10. Could have been allotment areas for growing veg and stuff if the photo was was taken during or after the war years Davy. Stockton Heath Primary School had allotments just outside it's perimeter area on the West Avenue side. Saying that they also had air raid shelters on the same side too so maybe that's another possibility for the patches you mention at Beamont.
  11. Dizzy

    WW News

    No probs Bit of a pain though I know.....
  12. Alas the online word is becoming the norm to youngsters these days and to us 'oldies' too Bill. I've seen kids not even into their teen years yet with mobile phones and internet access and of course they are online on computers or games consoles at home too. We used to limit our lad when he was young to time online and he didn't have a mobile phone with internet as it was just for phone calls and capped too. If he wanted to go on the internet he had to use our home desktop computer and that was downstairs not up in his bedroom so although we weren't looking over his shoulder it was always clear to us what the was doing or at least he though it was. That was not intentional it was just the way it was. Times change though and I guess it's up to us parents or grandparent to hopefully lay the foundations and to let our kids or grand kids know what is right what is wrong but more importantly THAT WE AS PARENTS, GRANDPARENTS OR FRIENDS ARE ALWAYS HERE FOR THEM AND IF THEY DN'T FEEL THEY CAN TALK TO FAMILY OR FRIENDS THERE ARE MANY ORGANISATIONS THEY CAN CONTACT IN COMPLETE CONFIDENTIALITY if they feel life is getting them down or they feel they need need help. Easier said than done to make them realise that though at times but hopefully they will Sad thing is I'm sure the vast majority of parents do that and say the same to their kids but still the youngsters take their own lives as do many others. It's so sad and I really don't know what the answer is other that to reiterate the words "it's ok not to be ok...ask for help it IS there". #itsoknottobeok
  13. Dizzy

    WW News

    When the forum was upgraded last time we lost the link facility at the top of the page as it reverted to a standard skin (ie layout) rather than a customised one. Previous upgrades and initial workings used to be carried out by Gary's news website web designers who did used to do the forum upgrades and clever stuff too (at a cost). Then Invision (the forum provider) created a way that us admins could upgrade the forum and be responsible for it all for free so we do it ourselves now. Unfortunately that means that we can't create and upload unique 'skins' for it to all sit upon. I did ask Invision how we could link to the news pages again but they said it was only possible to upload an image not a back link like we had before unless we created our own custom 'skin' again which is not as straight forward as it sounds. I was certainly wasn't trying as I could have wiped the whole forum out and lost the lot.....PJ would have liked that though lol. Just one of those things I'm afraid unless you all want to club together to pay for it to be done by the Pro's again
  14. 😂🤣😂 Good one PJ
  15. Phew only for today... I was expecting much longer than that ha ha. At least I'm honest though and owned up to it as I could have remained silent cos nobody would have known except me. The guilt would have eaten away at my conscience though every time I came on the forum lol
  16. It was deffo me cos its just let me cancel it. I'll get my hard hat ready lol
  17. Ooops I think it was me who down voted you latchy. I was having a quick read of the forum last night on my mobile phone which is something I don't usually do. In one of the other topics I caught the down vote button when scrolling on my tiny screen with clumsy fingers but realised I had so canceledl my vote with the red X. Then I read your cenotaph post.... and I now I have a red X next to your votes too allowing me to change the vote so it MUST have been me 😜 Its not an admin button as we can't change votes or see who's voted. Ooh bugger.... Sorry about that. I'll cancel my down vote right away.
  18. And an even more belated Merry Xmas from me.....I was sure I'd posted one but having just looked again it seems not....ooh 'eck. Well hope you all had a good one x x PS Just in case I forget tomorrow ......HAPPY NEW YEAR TOO
  19. Gawd Evils...it's taken me months to get the orig out of my head and now you do this to me.... aargh Xmas one could have done with a more upbeat tempo though like the version I'm now singing round and round in my head. < I sort of hate you right now ha ha >
  20. Just a little word or warning but if any of you have elderly/vunerable relatives or neighbours maybe check if they have or are about to get smart meters fitted without their or their families knowledge. An elderly lady I know had a visit from British Gas last week who very kindly fitted her new free smart meters. Now then she is in her 90's, has dementia and they did it with JUST HER there. Odd really as in the past her family have told them NOT to fit smart meters but somewhere along the line someone from BG must have asked her (either by phone or whatever) and 'presumed' she wanted or agreed to them even though she doesn't have a bloody clue what they are. They have no record of an actual appointment being made though and all they can 'presume' is that maybe the person who read her meter 'in the past' mentioned it to her and put it through. Surely there would be a record of that too though. Not very good that eh but on the plus side I suppose it means that nobody will have to call and read her meters now. But then again family probably can't read them either now to check the actual use and bill or can they? It will be interesting to see if her bill suddenly goes up though as happened with some people I know who had the damn things fitted. BG do say they have sorted most of the problems out and they do work better now....we will see !
  21. I've just read the news story and not only is it ridiculous that our council have approved a 5 story block of flats on such a small but heavily used road in close proximity to a swing bridge and high level bridge crossing but gawd the artists impression of what it will look like makes me wonder what the designers/architects were on when they drew that up. It's bloody awful...just a big ugly 'blot on the landscape' box with doors and windows. As for the 200 cars mentioned above. Where does that figure come from? With 189 dwellings it could be way more that 200 cars. Most couples have a car each these days not to mention people visiting them or indeed those with older kids who then also get their own cars. I recon the number of extra cars will be way in excess of 200. Saying that how many houses and apartments did they build on the old Naylors Wood Yard site off Chester Road...or the old Greenalls site off Wilderspool/Loushers Lane. I'm sure both were around 400 units on each and traffic is sort of OK...ish. Only time will tell though eh and I guess we could all just move away to some lovely little quiet village in Wales or Scotland somewhere while we can still drive out of Warrington before total gridlock hems us in for good ha ha
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