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  1. Not really as I could have set the allowance to unlimited but then Gary would have had me hung drawn and quartered lol
  2. You may already know this but I just googled and there is a website for the Vulcan Foundry. The site contains copies of ALL the Vulcan Magazines from 1948 to 1962. There are photos in some of them and mention of staff etc but unfortunately they are not searchable so you'd have to read through each. The website also has a few videos too (Vulcan on Film) and a whole host of other sections too. May be worth a try anyway. Here's the link http://enuii.com/vulcan_foundry/index.htm
  3. Welcome to the forum john c G I can't help re your Grandad I'm afraid but hopefully someone on here can. Good Luck and I have my fingers crossed for you
  4. Hiya I've changed the settings so that you can ALL now delete your own attachments more easily. Same 1st 3 steps as I posted above ie 1) At the top right of the screen you will see an icon showing your forum name and picture...Click on that2) A drop down menu will appear saying 'Content', 'Profile', 'My Attachments' .... and more options3) Click on 'My Attachments'. This will open a screen showing thumbnails of ALL your attachments .... but now you have a little 'bin' icon at the right of each attachment so you can just click on the delete button to zap specific attachments if you don't need them now. It will delete the attachment from your original topic post too though so just be aware.... I HAVE ALSO INCREASED THE PERSONAL & INDIVIDUAL STORAGE AREA CAPACITY ALLOWANCE from 500kb to 800kb per person. That should do the trick
  5. That's really sad Makes you wonder what else they may have missed out on if their parents haven't even bothered to teach them those 3 things. Poor little things
  6. I watched it last week, brilliant speech.
  7. Have you managed it get Latchy?
  8. I know it's not quite the same thing but my sons little works van is limited to 60mph by some little gadget. As most of his works journeys are long ones and on motorways he says it's been down right dangerous at times as when there have been occasions where he does need to pull out and/or overtake to avoid idiots at more than 60 he simply can't. On the plus side though he's never gone over the 70mph speed limit lol
  9. Hiya, sorry for the slow reply Latchy. I had no idea but have just figured it out and managed to delete one of mine...talk about long winded though. Right here goes...I hope this makes sense. 1) At the top right of the screen you will see an icon showing your forum name and picture...Click on that 2) A drop down menu will appear saying 'Content', 'Profile', 'My Attachments' .... and more options 3) Click on 'My Attachments'. This will open a screen showing thumbnails of ALL your attachments and the topic each are posted under. 4) If there is one you want to delete....click on the forum topic title on the right of the screen for that specific attachment. The topic will open and you will be taken directly to your post with your attachment. 5) Click to EDIT your post 6) You will then see a box within your post that says 'Uploaded Images' and a little delete/bin icon in the bottom right hand corner of your attached image in your post. 7) Click on the delete/bin icon and the attachment will be deleted...then press SAVE. Only the attachment will be removed...the rest of your original post will remain if there was anything else written on it. Hope that made sense....if not reply back or if there are none you feel you can delete as they are all really important to your posts I can possibly just increase your personal storage quota a bit
  10. How the bloody hell is extending Brexit until 30th June going to make any difference. Gawd all it will mean is we get 3 more months of embarrassing bickering, party point scoring between MP's, parties and government and no agreement on all sides for anything. It's a waste of blummin' time and will just make us (the UK) and our so called leaders a bigger laughing stock than we are already. I'm sick to death of it all and if I could I would just pull the plug myself right now and say 'There You Go...I've Done It For You...BYE BYE EU....NOW LETS ALL WORK TOGETHER AND GET ON WITH LIFE '
  11. I've never replaced my blinker (indicator) fluid though. I didn't even know you had to to make them work better....
  12. I use mine all the time but then again mine is an older car. Seems to me these days that the more flashy and expensive the car is less likely it is to see indicators flashing. I suspect this is because the owners presume the car will do that for them as well as everything else like parking itself
  13. Dizzy


    Funny 😂🤣😂
  14. Oh my word I'm sat here wishing I'd never said anything now lol. Some funny comments especially yours Obs 😂 Lovely to see you back on here Lt Kyje. Crikey you've been awol for a very long time. Hope you are well and have been having fun
  15. I've just tried to inflate a pair of jeans by tying the legs (it was hard to tie them in a knot) and then blowing into the waist end by mouth and it was exhausting and didn't work one little bit. The air must have just come straight out or I just wasn't blowing fast and hard enough. Good job I was only stood in my kitchen I hope the neighbours couldn't see me through the window ha ha.
  16. Charming lol 😂😂 Must admit though at least it would mean I still have a use after I've popped my clogs. I wonder if my whole body would have to be specially preserved or just my bum cheeks lol. Bit pointless you going to the trouble of parking your bike 'there' though as surely your stabilisers keep your bike upright anyway whenever you get off it 😏
  17. Well that must have been one of the strangest posts I've read on here in a long time Stallard I'm not even quite sure where to begin or what the topic is really about As for your opening sentence (Is that the main just of the thread?) .....I haven't invested in a burial plan. I've never even considered it to be honest. I do see all the adverts on the TV telling us to do it so we don't leave our loved ones to foot the bill when we pop our clogs but I just ignore. If I did invest in one I'd probably spend the rest of my life worrying that they would go bust and all the money I'd paid in would be lost and have been for nothing. Not to mention I don't know how long I will live for so say I start paying into one now monthly but live until I'm 95 then I will have paid into it every month for 40 years which I'd imagine is way more than the cost of paying to be buried/cremated. I suppose I could just set up a savings account in the bank and put a bit in every month and when my time comes I'm sure it will cover the cost of a cardboard coffin and a hole in the ground or better still a huge bonfire to lie me on top off up at Hill Cliffe.... great views from up there and people would see me burn for miles too....or a home made Viking style ship dropped in the Manchester Ship Canal opposite ours and I could sail off 'lit' into the sunset. Mmm that could be tricky so it might have to be my sons canoe instead ha ha. PJ...you could come and take some photos and 'launch' me
  18. In reply 1...OK so if it makes you feel better then 'maybe' I was 'unprofessional' in posting my comments to your question and what I said in reply to you on here publicly PJ. But then again YOU surely know how the forum works as you have been a member for long enough. For a few years now you have always badmouthed the forum in Public and I never edited your posts or delete them. Some of yours have even been reported when you do that but I have tended to review and then leave them as we are ALL entitled to an opinion and we all know what you are like lol. However I have edited or deleted a few of yours where you went against forum rules and were quite scathing to other members. Naught you lol. I have always felt sorry for Gary though when you badmouth the forum that HE pays for out of his own pocket for all our enjoyment but hey that's one for him to take up with you not me as I don't work for Gary and this is not my forum. If he has never pulled you for your scathing comments towards his forum then who am I too. I am just a volunteer Admin. Maybe if you have a quiet word he will let you be one too and then you can ban the rest of us who all seem to get on quite nicely despite our differing opinions on debates at times. As for my comments to you on here being now 'likely to deter genuine reporting of malicious posts' I very much doubt that ....... 2... It's a shame how some words historically derived from place or country names are now classed as being offensive. Yes I do understand how some are now not acceptable but I don't know or understand the reasoning behind them all. I guess before we know it being called 'white' will become offensive to some too as well. 3...Still no idea about the 'Y' word as I didn't have time to google. 5...Yes I can..when would you like me to start ? Addendum 6... Do you get bored easily and trawl the internet for things to moan about or people to rattle lol ?
  19. 😂🤣😂🤣😜 Oops I've corrected it now..... must be the effect you have on me. Only you noticed it though... but of course you would lol
  20. PJ.... 1.....I added a comment in the status comment box under under the actual report both times. I presumed wrongly that yot would have been able too see the status of it and my comment. Also yes they are usually treated as being confidential but seeing as though you posted asking on here I replied to you on here. 2.... The reason I didn't take action first time was because when I looked what the word meant it said it was 'shortened from the word Nippon which was the Japanese for Japan'. 3.....No I would never allow the N word for black people, I don't know which Y word for Jewish you mean but I will Google so if one ever does appear I know what I'm looking for. 4.....the sun's out and its quite a nice day even though a bit cold and breezy. Why don't you go for a stroll with your camera and take some nice local photos to upload 📸
  21. I reviewed it first time PJ and took no action as I didn't think it was offensive or violated any 'rules' so marked it as under review then complete. You then reported it again with a cut and paste of the forum rules so I have now edited the words you say you think were offensive and I've marked as reviewed and completed again. You could have just contacted me or Gary direct via forum private message (or even facebook) after your first complaint wasn't actioned and you weren't happy rather than posting a 'forum issue' here asking the question. We are always contactable and happy to help or discuss any issues or problems members may have. I suspect you knew all that already though 🤔
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