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  1. I'm glad most people agree that Pink Ladies is a great idea, according to my research, around 12 women a month are attacked as a result of illegal taxi's. I think anything that might help to reduce this figure has to be a good thing. I've been in contact with one of the founders, they're doing really well and already have plans to expand. I can't wait until they come to my area! Thanks to everyone for your comments.
  2. Hi, i'm researching the taxi firm that's started operating in Warrington, Pink Ladies, for a university project. I'm not from Warrington myself so I wondered what local opinion is about the idea. Do you see the taxi's around often? Are they eye-catching or an eye-sore? Has anyone here used them? If so what did you think of the service? I'd like to hear any comments/opinions you have about the taxi's. Thanks! Lauren [ 12.12.2006, 12:02: Message edited by: Gary ]
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