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Let's tell a story befitting a novel!


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Big Mistake! just what I expected, if you wish to know what the post was about, ask Wolfie, as usual he's the one who sabotaged it!.

Not a 'toys out of the pram' reaction, just don't see the point of attempting to inject a bit of light hearted banter into the forum, God knows it needs it!. :roll:

By the way, I edited this post as a result of his reply below!.

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Are we going to give it another go Wolfie? :wink:


It was a dark rainy night in a small Lancashire Mill town, Vincent and Rachael had entered the pub and sat in a dark corner away from the hustle and bustle of the bar....

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Oooh crikey and there was me thinking you'd said something really bad... I've not been on all day :oops:


I thought it was light hearted banter which is what alg wanted but apparantly not that light or banterful.


Still moving on


Without warning a cold chill and an eerie silence suddenly radiated through the dimly lit pub....

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