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Should Jimmy Savile's knighthood be removed?

Should Jimmy Savile's knighthood be removed?  

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  1. 1. Should Jimmy Savile's knighthood be removed?

  2. 2. should we have a public inquiry into all not just savile

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TD... maybe there is proof, maybe there is hearsay.... there may well be no doubt that the likes of Saville are guilty of some abuse; however you have to balance what is fact over what is just people

Really? I mean really, this is how low you and your winking smilies can stoop? What a complete <REMOVED !!> you are obs, not that anyone who has been on here any length of time could doubt it, b

People on other forums discussing people who have not yet been investigated is probably what contributed to the farce with Lord McAlpine... Journalists trying to be clever and not even showing his acc

late new .......... Savile was investigated by police during a series of sex abuse inquiries spanning six decades – but each time he evaded justice. Savile was first investigated by police 'for interfering with young girls’ when a nightclub manager in Leeds as long ago as 1958. His former bodyguard has told that Savile claimed to have paid officers to drop the case. two further police investigations in the past five years including one in Surrey in 2007 over claims of an indecent assault at Duncroft Approved School for Girls. Savile was interviewed by police but the case dropped due to lack of evidence.


Savile first escaped justice in Leeds in 1958. Savile was investigated by police over sexual assault allegations, according to his former minder at the time. Dennis Lemmon, now 80, recalled Savile, who at the time ran a nightclub, being in a bad mood because he faced a court hearing the next day for “interfering with young girls”.


A decade later in the late 1960s, police interviewed BBC staff over allegations of under age sex taking place in changing rooms. Savile was not the focus of that investigation although it is clear he was offending at that stage.


Stanley Dorfman, the show’s producer and director in the 1960s, said he recalled police officers interviewing BBC staff about allegations of under-age sex taking place in musicians’ dressing rooms. Mr Dorfman, 84, said: “They [police] came and talked to everybody because apparently there had been under age girls in dressing rooms. It went on for a couple of weeks or so and then they disappeared.”


Then in 1971 prompted by the suicide of Clair McAlpine, a 15-year-old dancer on Top of the Pops, police launched another investigation. Clair, who overdosed on sleeping pills, had left behind a diary detailing claims of being 'used’ by celebrities. Her claims were largely dismissed as fantasy by detectives.

Her half brother Mark Ufland said: “Jimmy Savile was in the diary for having some sort of sexual relationship with her. As far as I know, Jimmy Savile was interviewed as a witness. My mother told me that the diary went to the police and never came back.”


A BBC spokesman said last night of the Clair McAlpine inquest: “No adverse finding was made against the BBC by the Coroner. According to our records, the allegations did not relate to Savile.” He said any information would be made available to the inquiries.


Savile was questioned by reporters at the time – Clair’s death was big news – but he brazened it out. “I studied a photograph of Samantha very closely. I cannot recollect ever seeing the girl in my life,” he said on the eve of Clair’s inquest in April 1971. As if to emphasise the point, Savile went on: “The younger ones, the 14 to 16-year-olds, don’t even think about sex. In fact they would be most offended if you suggested anything sexual to them.”


Savile then added darkly: “The BBC is a big family. Turn over any family stone and you will find all sorts of peculiar goings on. Our family is no worse than anyone else’s.”




(“I would suggest that it would be nice to have the coroner’s verdict changed, if what is said about Savile is right. It would be good to have her name cleared as not being completely mad)



In the late 1970s, a police officer reported to superiors the concerns of a nurse at Stoke Mandeville Hospital but was told to drop the investigation. Former detective constable John Lindsay repeated his claims to Scotland Yard on Friday.


In 2007, Surrey police questioned Savile over allegations of child sex abuse in the 1970s at Duncroft school. The Crown Prosecution Service advised there was insufficient evidence. Again in 2008 Sussex Police received a complaint of sexual assault by Savile which allegedly took place in Worthing in 1970.


a chance to capture Savile early on. was missed. In the early 1960s, according to Savile’s autobiography, Savile referred to another brush with the law after being approached by police asking him to help trace a missing girl. “If she comes in I’ll bring her back tomorrow but I’ll keep her all night first as my reward,” he wrote of his encounter with a female officer, who had gone to question him. He went on: “The lady of the law … was dissuaded from bringing charges against me by her colleagues, for it was well known that were I to go I would probably take half the station with me.”





In memory of Clair McAlpine 1956 to 1971

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In a way this just shows how attitudes have changed over the years towards victims of sexual abuse. Then it was on the victim to prove beyond doubt that the offender was guilty which was usually difficult to do as young people tended not to be believed about such things especially if the person was so high profile and it tended to get labelled as a crush or fantasy.


These days it is usually the offender who has to prove innocence of the allegations and they are allegations until proof is provided otherwise.


One of the reasons why so many such cases are now coming to light as victims now find it easier to be believed.


Please note that this in no way condones the behaviour of any of the people involved in covering up or committing these crimes just a sort of explanation of why they are only now coming to light.

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lates new

on Roy Greenslade's blog last Wednesday reported that Paul Connew, when editor of the Sunday Mirror in 1994, did have "credible and convincing" evidence from two women who claimed that Jimmy Savile had been guilty of abusing them at a children's home. Though "totally and utterly convinced" they were telling the truth, the paper's lawyers, after a careful assessment, decided it wasn't strong enough to risk publication. The risk was libel and the substantial costs and damages that the newspaper could face should they lose a subsequent high court case from the litigious Savile. To the in-house lawyers at Mirror Group, the risk seemed too great. Connew went further in talking about his guilt relating to this on Newsnight last Thursday. But there is perhaps another angle to the story.


In 1992, George Carman QC, had been retained by Savile's lawyers over a different matter, which never reached court. By 1994, the name Carman, and what he could do in cross-examination, put such fear into the minds of litigants, lawyers and editors that libel cases were settled and, in some circumstances, perhaps stories were not published. Savile may have been one of those. As an indication of Carman's universal demand, and the respect he instilled

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Seems allegedley, that Esther heard the rumour over ten years ago - so why didn't she do something? :unsure:

I would imagine that without 'cast iron' proof she would have placed herself in the position of facing litigation from the 'slimeball', which could have resulted in massive legal fees and perhaps paying him huge compensation which would have ruined her career and possibly bankrupted her. :unsure:

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A former cub scout says he was sexually assaulted as a nine-year-old by Jimmy Savile after appearing on a show with the TV star.

Kevin Cook, the presenter’s youngest alleged victim, said he was lured to a dressing room with the promise of receiving a Jim’ll Fix It badge after appearing on the programme.

The 45-year-old, now a married father-of-two, described how Savile asked him whether he was ready to 'earn your badge' before molesting him and then getting him to touch him through his trousers.The presenter then issued a chilling threat not to tell anyone about the abuse – and that no one would believe him over the word of 'King Jimmy' – before letting him go.


Mr Cook appeared on the show in 1976 with members of the 44th Newham East cub pack. He told the Mail yeserday that Savile offered him a badge.

'He took me to a small dressing room. He said "Do you want to earn your badge?" and he sat me on a chair in the middle of the room.


'He put his hand on my knee and then tried to put his fingers up the bottom of my shorts before he unzipped them and touched me. Then he made me put my hand on top of his trousers.’





The news comes as BBC Radio Two presenter Jeremy Vine has said he believes Savile will become known as 'one of the most serious predatory paedophiles in criminal history


Jeremy replied: 'This is a complete and utter nightmare.'The fact that a person was using his BBC prestige and maybe even BBC dressing rooms to attack young children I find completely disgusting as a father of two young daughters.'I cannot believe that it happened for such a sustained period that we may be looking at one of the most serious predatory paedophiles in criminal history - and he was on our doorstep. I find it disgusting.'



Jimmy Savile's best friend and his personal assistant for nearly 30 years has suggested numerous alleged child abuse victims are making the claims up.




Janet Cope, 70, refused to accept the former DJ was guilty of any of the sexual abuse claims and suggested alleged victims were motivated by money.


Speaking at her home in Aylesbury, Bucks, she told The Daily Star: 'Why have all these people shut up for 40 years? I just think they are jumping on the bandwagon. I think they know what money is.'

Mrs Cope, who was given away by Savile at her wedding in 1990, added: 'You know people suddenly become fanciful when something like this happens.


'They think, "Oh, I'll have a little bit of this, I'll say I was groped or something", when all that happened was he put his arm around you and had a photograph taken.'

She met Savile while doing charity work at Stoke Mandeville Hospital in 1971, the hospital where it is claimed Savile abused young children.

She suggested to the newspaper that the reason Savile was often pictured with young women was because he thought it would help preserve his youthful image.

She added: 'These kids thrown themselves at celebrities, the celebrities don't go looking for it.'




here is Janet Cope,article-2217891-157F343E000005DC-949_233x365.jpg

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In an email to BBC staff last night, BBC director of news Helen Boaden said the corporation was confident the investigation had been dropped for 'sound editorial reasons', but acknowledged that 'people have continued to speculate'.

She added: 'This is a tough time for the organisation as a whole and for some individuals in particular. A lot of soul-searching is naturally taking place.'



also Labour leader Ed Miliband called on Mrs Miller to launch an independent inquiry into the corporation's conduct. He said: 'I don't think the BBC can lead their own inquiry... I think we need a broader look at these public institutions – the BBC, I'm afraid some parts of the NHS, potentially, Broadmoor





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Seems Savile might have gone to his rightful place, hell, after his demise. Appears he knew that he was not going to heaven anyway for, as he said in a radio interview 2 years ago, all sorts of reasons.

His Roman Catholic faith seems to have meant little to him because he also said he never listens to what the church has to say. 'I don't listen to the church, I listen to myself. What I feel is right is right. I don't have a conscience'.

Well that has certainly proved to be the truth over the past few weeks!

Rot in hell Jimmy Savile!

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If your house gets vandalised, or you get mugged or your car damaged and you call the plod, you end up on hold for an eternity and when you finally get through to someone, they just give you a crime number and to politely go away because of shortage of police officers to investigate anything.


In the world of our political masters and the things that they deem important; there are a dozen coppers stationed outside the Ecuadorean Embassy for 24 hours a day to keep an eye on Julian Assange and now they are going to follow 340 lines of enquiry into whether a dead celebrity assaulted children; even though there is no way that they can ever bring justice for what may or may not have happened.... We also have Silly Milliband demanding public enquiries (the usual Liebour stance on things.... didn't that shower waste enough public money when they were in office for heavens sake???).


It allegedly happened. If it did, It should not have done, but spending millions upon millions of pounds on equiries with the police, NHS, BBC and Broadmoor will not change anything. The guy is dead and other than Ed Millband digging him up and hanging him, he will remain dead for a very long time

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Four crew members who worked with Jimmy Savile on Top of the Pops were child abusers and plucked girls out of the audience to molest, it has been alleged.


Described as Savile's 'inner circle', the men, including one cameraman, sexually abused young girls while they worked for the hit BBC show, it has been claimed.The men who worked on Top Of The Pops are not believed to be famous, and weren't presenters on the music programme


Jon Bird, acting operations manager, said 'several' calls related to members of the show's 'inner circle'. The show ran from 1964 to 2006.


He told The press: 'One woman, who used to be a dancer, says there were at least three members of backstage staff at Top of the Pops who used to take young girls to parties, where horrific and inappropriate things took place.




also "Ordish maintained he knew nothing about Savile's activities, although he told This Morning hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby there had been rumours. He said Savile would compliment them on their beauty, 'but nothing obscene'. 'These are girls who are young females, they're not children. they could have been 14 looking like 18, but they were not children in my definition of the word,' he said."


So there you have it, the BBC employs/ed senior newsgathering figures who have no sense of appreciation of serious matters such as paedophilia. The BBC is clearly not fit for purpose if the new DG covers up potential embarassing news to protect tribute shows for a known paedophile, and if senior managers cannot understand that underage sex is a crime, even if the girls are 14 looking 18.... they are still 14 and he knew it and was aware of rumours. Even more prevarication from BBC management.

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Savile ran 'lasses only' discos at Broadmoor psychiatric Hospital in Berkshire and used the events to prey on young girls



but on the other hand in this sager Esther Rantzen fears the allegations of child abuse surrounding Jimmy Savile could destroy her 'life's work', campaigning to protect children it has emerged.


The presenter was last week forced to deny rumours she is facing the sack as patron of a child abuse charity after claims she failed to act on allegations that Savile molested youngsters.Ms Rantzen founded ChildLine, a 24-hour confidential helpline that takes more than a million telephone calls a year providing free counselling for children to discuss abuse and neglect, in 1986.

For more than 25 years she has campaigned to raise awareness of the bullying and sexual or psychological abuse of children.




Do the honourable thing Esther resign and distance yourself from Child line, let them carry on their work.if your in a high profile job or low profile job,you report any kind of wrongdoing to children,if you are patron to childrens organisations then all the more so,doesnt make any difference how long ago,or were you heard the rumours,you act on it.How can you expect victims of any type of abuse, scared witless and not knowing if they will be believed, to speak out if people as powerful as Esther Rantzen couldn't or wouldn't speak when she heard these rumours? Even a whiff of impropriety should have sent Esther and her team to investigate, like they did with other dubious people. If Esther was scared then imagine how the victims felt! Her tears on all her intreviws were to induce sympathy for herself not the children and to pre-empt negative reactions

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Jimmy Savile’s brother Johnny was accused of raping a patient at a psychiatric hospital in the 1970s, it was claimed.


Johnny, who was five years his senior, lost his job as a recreation officer at a south London hospital over a depraved 'sex game'.


A woman, believed to be a former patient at the hospital, complained he mauled, groped and raped her. He was sacked for gross misconduct from the Springfield Psychiatric Hospital, Tooting.


The alleged sex offender claimed unfair dismissal from the hospital in 1980. The hearing was adjourned.




A spokesman for the hospital, which is now called the South West London and St George's Mental Health NHS Trust, said: 'We are aware of this case and if we are contacted by the police we will cooperate fully.


'We believe there was a criminal case in 1979 over rape allegations. The victim is believed to have been an ex-patient at the hospitalIt is not known whether Johnny, who died in 1998, was prosecuted following the criminal case



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