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Do you want a DNA Data Base ?

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The main problem with a dna database is that the technology to hold and access such a huge amount of data is unproven and hence not secure.

When you add in the human element of firstly placing the data correctly on the database and secondly in correctly accessing the data then I am afraid I have no confidence whatsoever in such a plot.

On top of the above, the complete and utter incompetencre of this government civil servants to ensure proper security is in place and access control is strictly observed, then again I have no faith whatsoever in the proposal.

The police who are demanding the database are ignorant of the access control, clueless about the technology and only quote some selfish reasons with lityle or no discussion about the consequences of any failure in the system

The plot is also a breach of the individuals rights to privacy and protection a lot of which have been eroded by the existing state of police and government intrusion.

So its NO NO NEVER to such a scheme.

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