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Alfred Hitchcoks - The Birds

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News story today





Alfred Hitchcock.... yep I agree with the gents sentiments there.


We went to Moore Nature researve last Friday and it was eerie to see and hear all the seagulls until I realised WHY they were there.

Arpley Landfill was on the other side. They birds then swarm around the lakes and 'wash' according to the bird watcher I was talking too.


Here's some pics of the scavengers around the landfill lorries. Not great as I had to zoom right in right across the lake and it was a very grey day. There were far more than you can see on my photos though. They were everywhere..... Creepy :shock::oops:










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Must say that the photo of the starlings on the news article brought back a few memories of my childhood.


Can remember when come autumn or spring nearly every telephone wire in the streets would be thronged with birds, either starlings of sparrows.

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