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Since i rarely visit Asda myself, I took the trouble to email them, and just had a response.


Here's the text of my email to them:


"Hi Asda


An acquaintance on a local talkboard that I use (in Warrington)claims that "apparantly if a child is lost in a supermarket [Asda], the parents are left to search around not knowing if the child has been found, because supermarkets are no longer allowed to announce over the stores intercom that a child has been found, incase a paedophile happens to be instore".


Could you please confirm if this is your policy?


PS - I am not a paedophile or the press, just a local busybody.






I then received an email acknowledging my query, then got this one today:


"Good Afternoon fug*,


Thank you for emailing ASDA about if a child was missing in our Warrington store what our policy would be.


Our policy if a child is missing in our store is that an announcement would be made over the intercom for the name of the child and also colleagues at the store would also be told to look around the store as well.


So the information you have be given on the talkboard is the wrong information.


Once again, thanks for contacting ASDA and please let me know if I can help with anything else.


Kind Regards


D G*

ASDA Customer Service Advisor


Tel: 0800 952 0101"



Thought it was nonsense.


*the names have been disguised to maintain confidentiality.

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Nice one Fugs.... :D


Although maybe it was policy when Wolfie mentioned it and Asda have been reading the forum comments. JOKE ASDA !!

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fugs, I can assure you that what they tell the public and what they train their staff to do are obviously worlds apart, BTW I was in the Widnes Asda when I found this out. :roll:

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fugs, I have no reason to doubt the employee who gave me the information, any more than doubt your email is genuine.

That is why I used the word 'apparantly' to see if anyone else could confirm or deny it.


Perhaps if I had started my post with the words 'fugtifino but ........... it may have made more sense.

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