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Should the burka be banned?

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Don?t know if anyone else saw this but a BBC news interview with a burka wearing woman this weekend ended with the words ? Anyway, nice to see you!? :lol::lol::lol:


Clearly the bloke who said it just didn?t realise how funny that was but in the background you could actually hear muffled laughter while his co-presenter struggled to contain herself.



Bill :)

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of course they should be banned

if i walked into a shop with my hood up i get asked

to remove it because they cant see my face causing

security issues so why then are they allowed to walk

in wearing that and nothing happens its a joke we

are being over run in our own country this political

correction has gone too far

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Dealing with the main issue on this threat, no the burka should not be banned. ANY form of clothing which hides the face should be banned and, that, of course, would include the burka.


Dealing with the side issue of TV newsreaders attire, I don't know what news channels you lot watch, but the ones I watch always have the male presenters in a suit and tie.

I believe in the early days of radio, newsreaders were expected to wear a dinner jacket and bow tie, even though no-one could see them!

I agree that the news is the important thing but I feel the best way to make the presenter inconspicuous is to put him in a suit and tie.

The female presenters should be dressed inconspicuously too, but unfortunately most of them seem to want to flaunt themselves around a bit.

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the burka should be banned because we cannot see their faces which could help cover up a criminal offence. And all this saying its part of their religion is complete and utter BULL its tradition not religion the only thing that they have to keep covered due to their religion is their hair

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Criminals intending to use a burka will just use a legal balaclava, hoodie, ski mask.... Ladies wishing to cover their faces will wear a headscarf plus a neck scarf pulled up over their noses and mouths. Pointless, stupid, waste of public money on a pointless, stupid law.

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Absolutely Baz. Then we can get on with banning tank tops, Fair Isle sweaters, anything lilac on the over sixties, all golfing apparel and wellies with patterns on them. People who want to wear things like that should all move to the Isle of Wight immediately, because they are upsetting the rest of us. I don't know what this place is coming to at all - namby pamby tolerance and leftie surrender monkey good manners! :twisted:

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Simple question Baz: does the sight of a burqa (don't know about you, but I can't move for 'em around here) positively offend you?


We're talking about a change in the law here to dictate what people should or shouldn't wear: isn't that a bit kind of, er, medieval?

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the burka does not offend me but i want it banned for security reasons we do not know what that person looks like underneath therefore if a crime is comitted by them we dont have a description as i said before we cant wear hoodies for the same reason why shouldnt they wear burkas and get away with it. IT'S NOTHING TO DO WITH THEIR RELIGION all they need to cover is their hair and arms

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Isn't it more a question of "When in Rome"?


Heh, there's that word "medieval" again:




I'd rather live in a more liberal society than ancient Rome, thanks.


i want it banned for security reasons


Well, there might be an argument around not wearing them in places like banks, but why would we do the terrorists work for them by attacking our freedoms all by ourselves, eh?

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I'd rather live in a more liberal society


Well that says a lot.




I am offended by burkas and niqabs and anything that is demeening and forced onto someone. Don't believe the nonsense that the Muslim men peddle; that it is the women who want to wear them, the women are forced to wear them, make no mistake about that.


You may take the track that they should be allowed to wear them because this is a free country, I say they shouldn't wear them because it is a free country....The very idea of the garments is for the men to have a form of dominance over the women.


Then there is the security angle, one of the men who killed Sharon Bevnevski (apologies if that is spelt wrong) the Yorkshire policewoman, fled the coountry in one of these things.


They are totally at odds with this country and belong in the medieval era, not the 21st century.... and remember, these aren't "our freedoms" that are being attacked by banning these things, I don't wear them, my wife and her friends don't wear them, it is the freedom of a muslim man to dictate to his woman, what she should wear

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Well that says a lot


You missed the "than ancient Rome" bit, and yes, of course I would, wouldn't you? I suppose the mass slaughter of innocents, the crucifixion of harmless hippies and wiping your arse with a sponge on a stick all has its place, but shouldn't we have progressed from that?


I am offended by burkas and niqabs


You surprise me, I thought you were made of sterner stuff, and you don't know that it's forced on all women who wear them, though I'm sure it happens.


At present, we can all wear pretty much what we want and I'd like to keep it that way. Fwiw, I find the sight of burqas anachronistic and I get the urge to snigger, and in this sense they have the same effect on me as overweight men in football shirts, wobbly tramp stamps and those young lads with their pants halfway to their knees, but I wouldn't want to ban them.


Don't buy the security angle, in situations where it's necessary to verify ID, I'm sure exceptions can be made.

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If it is demeaning and insulting and evil to dictate to women what they must wear, because they should have freedom of choice, then it's precisely the same demeaning, evil insult to pass a law taking away freedom of choice and dictating to women what they can't wear.


The only difference here is that in terms of the UK population there are at present probably only a few hundred women being demeaned by being forced to wear a veil they dislike, whereas there are about 20 million adult women who would be robbed of their freedom of choice by a ban.


I'm not having anyone tell me what I may and may not wear.

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