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Brenda Fleming

Looking for old Oakwood school friends

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Hi, I would love to know if anyone knows the whereabouts of two of my old school friends. We were at Oakwood Tech school together approx 1962-67. The first one is Susan Percival who lived in Howson Rd Orford and I believe married Eric Basford and then lived in East Ave or Shaws Ave Orford. I think they had two children, Karen and Steven. The second one is Marilyn Green. She was originally from Slater St Latchford and then her parents got the Railway Hotel in Golborne. Last I heard they had an off licence next to the Imperial Hotel (Bewsey Rd?). Marilyn married and divorced Geoff Clough and then had another marriage and divorce (don't know his details). I would love to contact these two dear old school friends of mine.


I did see a post where someone was looking for Pat Smart, I can't find it now but have information on her as she married my cousin, if the person looking for her would like to contact me I will give her all the details.


Isn't Harry Hayes a mine of information? I love his stories from the past! This is my first post on Warrington Worldwide but I recognise a few names from WG forum. Looking forward to lots more posting!

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Good luck. Have you tried Friends Reunited??


I was at Oakwood Avenue until 1955 when I then went to High School.


The only person I am still in contact with is 67 and she went to Oakwood seniors, but dont think she would be much help.


One of our maths teachers was a Mrs Howard, who used to move from Oakwood to High School. LOvely lady.


I am in Sheffield, and although I am an OAP I still have friends from Oakwood. One just recently died in Seville, and the others at Appleton and in Holland. As well as friends who didnt go to Oakwood.


I have a friend in Melbourne who has just been delighted at having rain.

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