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How daft does it have to get?


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McCanns may sue Portuguese police for ?1m if Madeleine investigation is closed




Maybe there will be another headline:


"Police prosecute McCanns for leaving children alone, whilst they "party" with friends."


Don't know if the reports are true about maybe suing the police, if they are then the McCanns and / or their "advisers" should think long and hard before such a course of action. Worth remembering that the whale who spouts the most, gets harpooned. :wink:

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Hey up, it's Health & Safety again:


"A leading children's author was told to drop a fire-breathing dragon shown in a new book - because the publishers feared they could be sued under health and safety regulations.


It is just one of the politically correct cuts Lindsey Gardiner says she has been told to make in case youngsters act out the stories.



As well as the scene showing her dragon toasting marshmallows with his breath, illustrations of an electric cooker with one element glowing red and of a boy on a ladder have had to go.



Ms Gardiner, 36, who has written and illustrated 15 internationally successful children's books, featuring her popular characters Lola, Poppy and Max, says such editing decisions are now common."


Daily Mail



Guess they better start banning war films, and the genre that could be broadly described as "action & adventure". :wink:

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Please to note that there is no shortage of money at the Met:


"Police chiefs will spend ?15,000 creating "ethnically diverse" mascots after one of their officers criticised an existing model for being too male and white.


PCSO Steve, a uniformed mascot complete with over-sized head and equipment, was created by the Metropolitan Police for visits to primary schools.


But one of the force's sergeants slammed the character for failing to represent the capital's communities.


He said the figure, which is white with blue eyes and blond hair, risks leaving Asian and women officers "isolated".


The comments sparked a public row with some claiming the criticism was taking political correctness too far.


Now senior officers said they will invest ?15,000 in the design and production of three new characters."


PCSO Steve...or Ahmed or Ragitta

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model student who tragically lost both her parents within months of each other has been told the only way she can continue doing her A-levels is to become pregnant.


Kirsty Oldfield, 17, was left devastated and penniless after parents Chris and Jackie died eight months apart.


With only state benefits to live on, she moved in with her older sister and tried to continue with her studies.


The sixth former at Salt Grammar School in Baildon, West Yorks, has been surviving on part-time earnings as a waitress and small handouts since she was orphaned.


Daily Mail


[ 27.11.2007, 19:35: Message edited by: Paul Kennedy ]

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Not an uncommon tale, I come across similar situations frequently. Would have hoped that given the tragic circumstances she would have a sympathetic adviser who could find a way round it for her. I would have thought she'd have been better off quitting her job and claiming Income Support. On the back of this she should be able to claim Housing Benefit.


Thankfully, in Warrington there is (albeit very limited) provision for people in this situation, but most end up being referred to hostels or emergency night shelters.

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Northern Rock owes the taxpayer ?30billion but is lavishing pay rises and bonuses on staff


"Matt Sinclair, of the Taxpayers' Alliance, said: "They should be getting pay cuts, not pay rises. Apparently the meaning of performance-related pay is lost on staff at Northern Rock. What performance?


"Their failure has put tens of billions of taxpayers' money at risk with billions unlikely to ever be recovered."


The Government has already paid more than ?29billion to save the bank from collapse, but this could rise to ?45billion by February if a buyer is not found.


Reports over the weekend suggested that Virgin's bid for the lender may yet be scuppered because backers Deutsche Bank has serious issues with the proposed takeover. Both sides deny this.


Northern Rock had assets of ?113billion in July, but ?50billion of that was represented by mortgage loans which have already been sold on. Another ?8billion of bonds was already sold on and a further ?7.5billion is made-up of unsecured loans.


Savers have withdrawn more than ?10.5billion from deposit accounts, leaving total assets of ?37billion.


Even Northern Rock's own employees were shocked by the pay package.


One said: "We were just glad to still have our jobs at Christmas, let alone an above inflation pay rise and bonuses."


The 2 per cent bonus was described by a company spokesman as a "thank-you for all their hard work over the year, and in particular the last couple of months"."



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Daily Mail:


"Panto performers have been banned from throwing sweets into the crowd - because of health and safety fears.


Theatre bosses were forced to impose the order after two pensioners complained about being hit by bonbons during a performance of Jack and the Beanstalk last year.


The director, Kevin Lynch, rang his public liability insurers and received some worrying news.


"They advised us that we probably wouldn't be covered in the event of someone getting hurt," said Mr Lynch, from the Pavilion Theatre in Gorleston, Norfolk.


"They suggested throwing a sweet at someone would be viewed as an act of negligence rather than a simple accident, and we would therefore be liable to pay compensation."


Mr Lynch added: "It is a great shame that a long-standing tradition has ended but we really have no choice.


"We have to make sure we do not open ourselves to being sued."


Actors in this year's production of Babes in the Wood and Robin Hood will now have to drop sweets off the edge of the stage for children to pick up."


One of my Son's commented that the throwing of the sweets was the most memorable bit of a Panto.

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And another one from them:


"A young mother was told to leave a college study group along with her sleeping baby - because she was a health and saftey risk.



Liz Cooper and her daugher were asked to leave for 'health and safety reasons'

Liz Cooper, 25, and five-month-old Dominca Jimenez, were at an evening group study session in the college's library and IT room when security staff asked her to leave.


The mother-of-two, who is studying in the evening for a degree in early years health, was told the decision was made on health and safety grounds because of dust, temperature and hard-edged surfaces."

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Daily Mail:


"The case of a boy charged with assaulting a pensioner with a cocktail sausage in a 'Just William-style' prank is set to be dropped after spiralling in cost, it was revealed today.



The bill for prosecuting the 12-year-old, who allegedly threw the pork snack at elderly neighbour is thought to have reached ?4,000.


But now after the case was taken to court and adjourned FIVE times Crown lawyers are expected to announce they are offering no evidence against the schoolboy.


His mother, who said a 'notice of discontinuation' has been issued, today launched a furious attack on prosecutors for making her son's life a 'living nightmare'.


She said: "It was absolutely ludicrous to bring him before the court for that. My boy is in bits.


?Every night before he had to go to court he couldn't sleep.


"He was thinking somebody was going to come and take him off to prison."


The youngster was first in the dock in at Manchester Youth Court August following the alleged incident in the Wythenshawe area of the city.


The judge then blasted the decision to prosecute and compared the youngster to fictional mischievous schoolboy Just William.


And last month Judge Paul Richardson hit out, saying: "It is wasting a lot of time and money.


"There is a great difference between what is unacceptable and what should bring a 12-year-old boy to court."


Today those statements were echoed by the boy's lawyer.


Kieran Henry said: "To have a young lad like that on bail for so long was ridiculous.


?All charges have now been dropped, which is the right and just decision.


?They are trying to speed up the criminal justice system and hopefully we won't see a case like this again.


?It should have been handled in a much more delicate manner."


The case has bounced in and out of court because of legal arguments.


Two months ago the case was adjourned to prepare medical reports in the boy's learning difficulties and attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder.


His mother added: "He's had to miss days of school and has gone from being outgoing and bubbly to someone who is very quiet and frightened to death all for the sake of throwing a sausage.


?We're just happy it's over now he's delighted.""


In the old days, a swift clip around the ear and an apology normally sufficed.

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Originally posted by Peter:

I wonder if they have his DNA and fingerprints?

I would have thought so Peter, as he was arrested, and that is now the norm....even for 12 year olds. I understand that the UK has the world's biggest DNA database :(


Wonder if they keep the data safe. :wink:

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Daily Mail...as always:


"A convicted criminal has moved in with a married couple against their wishes after giving their address in court as his home.


Shane Sims, 19, has spent the last few days living with Brenda and Robert Cole after he was sentenced to a week's curfew for breaching a supervision order.


But the couple claim the first they knew about it was when Sims, a friend of their daughter, moved in on Thursday - followed by security contractors who put a box in a bedroom to monitor his movements with an ankle tag."


Wonder what they would have done, if he had said 10 Downing Street or Buckingham Palace....or the Dorchester Hotel. :D

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And another one:


"British Airways have suspended a cabin crew steward for eating a muffin that was discarded on a passenger's meal tray, it was reported today.


BA are treating the incident as theft after he was reported at Heathrow airport on Monday.


The man's collegues are furious with the decision, branding the airline 'heavy handed' and accused them of acting like a 'police state'.


One BA worker told The Sun: "The cabin crew member on a long-haul flight took a muffin destined for the bin.


"Now his career hangs in the balance. Everyone is up in arms - it is a disgusting way to treat a member of staff." "


Seems like recycling waste to me, and should be commended. With millions starving in the world, the amount of food that is thrown away is a disgrace......as I regularly tell my sons.

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Daily Mail...who else.


"A nine-year-old boy was granted a shotgun licence by police who claimed he was "responsible enough" to own the weapon.


Shocked anti-gun campaigners have branded the decision allowing the boy to fire the deadly weapon as "totally absurd".


The boy can legally shoot at targets, as well as game and vermin.


But in the wake of rising gun violence among youngsters the move has been branded "totally absurd".


The licence was granted by Norfolk Police in August 2006, but has only just come to light after a journalist sought the information under the Freedom of Information Act."

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"When coastguard Paul Waugh carried out a daring clifftop rescue to save a 13-year-old girl's life he was hailed as a hero and honoured with bravery awards.



But bosses at the Maritime and Coastguard Agency were not so impressed with the lifesaver's actions because he ignored health and safety rules by not using safety equipment and following correct procedures.


Far from heaping praise on the dedicated volunteer, Mr Waugh said he has been put under "immense pressure" from management and treated terribly.


Now, a year after risking his own life to save the teenager, the 44-year-old has announced that he has been forced to quit the job after 13 years dedicated service."


Daily Mail


Maybe it should be Mr Waugh's bosses who are sacked.

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Health & Safety.......Risk Assessment........More than my jobs worth.........blah blah blah........ :roll::roll::roll:

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You might well of thought that because there have been no postings on this topic for a while that there has been no "daftness", au contraire mes amis, :D there has been much daftness, too much to post...and I've been very busy helping the folks at Grapenhall Ridge and keeping the wolf from the door, however the following caught my eye in today's Sunday Telegraph:


"Husbands with multiple wives have been given the go-ahead to claim extra welfare benefits following a year-long Government review, The Sunday Telegraph can reveal.


Even though bigamy is a crime in Britain, the decision by ministers means that polygamous marriages can now be recognised formally by the state, so long as the weddings took place in countries where the arrangement is legal.


The outcome will chiefly benefit Muslim men with more than one wife, as is permitted under Islamic law. Ministers estimate that up to a thousand polygamous partnerships exist in Britain, although they admit there is no exact record."


Anyway it has given me an idea, purely in order to help family finances you understand, I've told Mrs K.....1 :D that I'm off to one of those Pacific Islands where Polygamy is legal, to sort things out, and on my return...if I've not dropped dead with over exertion in the process, put the claim in and she can order a new car etc. :D


Actually all seems very discriminatory to me, whilst men can have more than one wife, are there countries / religions that permit women to have more than one husband....and if so can they claim benefits....and what about gays.

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