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Having children - a right?


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In an overpopulated world, "having a child" is not a "need" it's a "want"; they'll be wanting to buy them at the Super-Market next, made to order! :roll::wink:


But the problem is that too many people are having kids on benefits.... or to get benefits as the people who want to do things the right way can't afford them.


When I have a kid, I have to pay for everything; cot, pram, and god knows what else. When 16 year old "Suzie" has a kid, she gets a flat and free money to pay for everything... something wrong there isn't there?

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so hence the bee in your bonnet about paying for "other peoples kids"?


I have a "bee in my bonnet" about paying more than my share for all sorts of services which I'm never likely to use, not just those related to children.


I do get frustrated from time to time having to pull extra or anti-social hours shifts at work to cover for colleagues who have kids, it sometimes seems that because I haven't I'm assumed not to have any commitments of my own in life.


But my parenthood status is simply a fact of my life, as is my poor colour vision or my inability to eat whatever I want without piling on loads of weight. I'm not all envious and twisted up inside about any of my "shortcomings". It's just the hand of cards I started the game with and I'll play them as well as I know how. There's billions of people on this overcrowded planet with much weaker cards than mine.

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IMO the regulations of who are entitle to any NHS treatment which extends beyond that of maintaining personal health (eg boob jobs, fertility, having the snip, mole removal, tattoo removal etc) is anybody who have actively contributed to National insurance at least one year in every two.


if they choose to smoke fine


if they are obese... well only today yet more evidence supporting the fact that for some people its herreditory (others can be just greedy/lazy admitedly but I rekon most stuggle with diets all their lives)


are they precluding people who have chose not to have sex with a member of the opposite sex (usualy a requirement to have babies)...no


are they exluding those that have a history of depression or other phychological problems...no


gambling additcions...no



there are so many aspects to a person that may make them undesirable as a parent... fat and smoking aint ones IMO.


my dad was fat (18stone at 5'6") and my mother smoked like a trooper 40 a day till she was 70+


and I had the best god damn parents I could hope for, I was never abused, I was well fed and groomed and apart from being brought up working class I lived a charmed life.

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So perhaps Baz; in the interest of countering overpopulation, we could adopt the Chinese practise of limiting couples to one child only? Or sterilize the unemployed and feckless? Or allow the wealthy childless to buy their kids off the underclass, thus reducing benefits requirements? :shock::wink:

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Oh wouldn't it be nice if:

Nobody Smoked

Nobody Drank

No Bisexuals

No gays

No co-habitating couples.

No obese people

Everyone picked up their own litter

People only had children when they are financially secure.

Owned your own house

Old people were looked after by the family

Everyone had a job

Busses ran on time



OH Would't it be looovvveerleeyyy


Now shal we get in the real world.

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What they need to do is make all people adopting dogs to sit a test, pay a licence and make sure they book into training classes for at least 6 months, that way we would have more responsible people owning dogs

It would stop alot of this breeding dogs for the sake of it and make owners think twice before going in for a dog without knowing the whats and wherefores.

There also needs to be some sort of regulation on what vets can charge.

The RSPCA need to employ a behaviourist (they can afford it) for each of the areas they cover so that when these dogs are rehomed they are followed up and given correct advice, its ok for them to let the dogs go to new homes but there is no follow up to see if the dog needs to be rehablilitated due to problems from previous owners

Many of the dogs are returned or rehomed later as they do not fit in with what the owner expected.


Sorry i have really strong ideas about animal welfare and it drives me mad that people can just pick up animals from a pet shop or breeder on the AAAWWWW factor and not have a clue how to look after them.

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OR, perhaps do unto the owner what they did to their pet? :shock: EG: The neanderthal that cut the tips of his dog's ears off - "did you use an anasthetic sir"? "NO" "Right, can you bite on this piece of wood, while we cut the tips of YOUR ears off"! :shock::wink:

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Hey i smoke and pay my taxes


I don't go on jet ski's so anyone who has an accident shouldn't be treated because its dangerous.

I don't jump out of planes.

I don't climb mountains.

I am slim and don't pig out

I don't ride a motor bike or a push bike.

I don't drink except on new year.


So what am i supposed to do stop smoking and die of boredom anyway. lol


If everything was taken into consideration where treatment is related to our lifestyle we would not need a national health.

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