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Padgate High School - Improve or Close !

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Geoff - there is always an increase in the numbers of pupils doing well, every year is a "record" year because every year the Government makes the pass-rate easier to attain.


The same malaise is beginning to affect Universities now with the number of first-class degrees doubling, mainly to ensure Universities go higher up the ranking tables. It's nothing to do with people getting smarter, just pass criteria getting easier...


...of course, this is not a politically acceptable truth, so it is never put as bluntly as this :wink:

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That maybe true to some degree and maybe I should discuss this with my daughter whose last GCSE this week was Statistics, however I feel that 30% is a very low target of achievement for our schools - all children should be obtaining or at least given the opportunity of achieving 5 odd passes.


Warrington's High School's do seem to have started at a lower level than the national average and the reasons for this need to be investigated and not accepted as something that should be celebrated.


I think that Obs has hit on a few influencing factors - parents being one and the motivation and asperation of children another.


Given where we are there is a long road ahead before Warrington can celebrate it's High School achievments.

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