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Looking for relatives of Ernie and Dougie Elwell who lived in Allcard St, Bewsey in the 1950's.  My parents ran the off-licence at the corner of Allcard St and Folly Lane and Ernie, Dougie and I were play mates!

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Can remember a donald elwell from alcard street but could not say if he or anybody of the family still live in the area.

I lived and grew up in wilson street until i got married in the 70's

When i was around six or seven we moved across the street and our back yard was the one on the corner behind your parents off license.

if i can get in touch with my sister i will ask her as she tends to know that sort of information.


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Not been able to get hold of her yet. been busy with brothers hospital visits but will try today she was supposed to come over but not sure if she is still self isolating or not.

Will have a look through my collection of pictures to see if i have anything. Not an easy task as over the last fifty odd years i have amassed quite a collection and i those days cameras were classed as a luxury item.

The only Dougie i remember from then was actually Douglas Fairbanks, yes that was his name, his family had a couple of harlequin great deans which he took for a walk. funny really as they were taller than him  when he was between them he could not be seen.

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Managed to speak to my sister who seems to think that donald was either ernies son or his youngest brother.

She also seems to think that they were the owners of elwells scaffolding firm in warrington.

The only people that she can remember running that off-license was a family called moors whose son was called chris.

spoke to my younger brother as well and he has it in his head that the person that ran the offlicense beofre the moors took over was an elwell. how correct that is though is open to question.

still working on any photo's but that may take a while

There is a donald elwell on face book that my sister swears is the one from alcard street. i would not know as my facial recognition is only slightly better than my memory for names.( which is none existant at times).

hope this helps in your search.


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