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She's so funny

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This is totally true, I just thought that it was funny enough to bug y'all with.  Tonight we were just settling down to our usual 1943 black and white movie, when I decided to throw a curve ball (baseball reference).  Thinking I could compete with her (fool!), I said, just to be different, let's watch the porn version of 'Build your own home', without missing a beat she said " Well, at least there should be a lot of naked wood on that show!".  I tell you, if you want to be entertained after forty years, marry you a Cajun.  Love that woman.  Of course, you have to understand, I've been drinkin' agin and things seem funnier.  Sorry !

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You are lucky stallard. Any comment like that from me would have been met with a blank stare followed by ten minutes of flicking through the tv guide and  "what channel is that on it's not listed in the paper."🤭

Mrs Sid has this uncanny knack of hearing what i say and then picking out one fact or word and completely getting the wrong end of the stick twisting what i said. if i ask what the weather is doing on thursday i get the immediate question of "who is coming on thursday" well nobody i just wanted to know if i need a brolly or sunglasses when i go out.

attempts at humour are fraught with danger with her because of that trait.🤐

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Oh you poor guys!  We've been married for forty years and our house is like a comedy club.  Bec can entertain a room for hours, she's quick witted and does accents and imitations off the cuff.  This is a true story, yesterday I found a leak in my water heater connector, so I bought a new stainless hose and prepared to go to the attic.  Bec stopped me and said give me a minute, then picked up her phone and called our neighbor to warn them and apologize for the extreme cussing and bellowing that was just about to happen!  True.

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