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Warrington Transit camp in 1949

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Hello, I am new to this site, but I wondered if anyone can help me please?

After returning to UK from RAF Changi in 1949, we arrived at Liverpool and went to a transit camp in Warrington. Can any one tell me where this was please?
It was in huts with a communial dining room. I went to a local junior school too, but no Idea where that was either.

I would love to know as I am researching my family history and as this was part of it for me, would like to add it to my part of the history.

Thank you,


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there were transit camps around the Warrington area constructed during WW2 for the RAF but mostly for the Americans.

the camps were also used for a while post WW2.

dispersed living sites around Warrington at Scotia north, at Lowton

bruce hall and Canada hall down Manchester road on the east area of Warrington.

RAF croft at lady lane near Warrington.

was the living site the H block type of layout?         

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