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Observer II

Climate Change ?

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2 hours ago, Observer II said:

It could all be a vegan plot, the latest idea is that we should all give up eating meat !    :D

I don't think vegans have enough energy to plot anything :unsure:

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Asperity is correct.     The facts, that is the facts facts, not the emotional facts do not support the fanatics claims.   No environmentalist will ever have a rational discussion, if you question them, instead of responding with credible evidence they just resort to insults (like PJs cartoon).   Polar bears are not dying, oceans are not significantly rising and New York City is not under 20' of water as predicted by Al Gore.  Most so called scientists, receive millions of dollars in annual grants, do you think they are going to cut their own throats by telling the truth.  What happened to the ice age promised in the fifties?  When New York was covered in six feet of snow, they quickly changed the name from global warming to climate change.  It's a farce.

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