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Monkey Pox -

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Seems the latest import from Africa is Monkey Pox;  caught from an NHS patient who had recently visited Nigeria; the affected nurse has now passed it to her husband.  Although this Pox isn't considered life threatening in most cases, it again demonstrates the the primary threat faced by mankind - pandemics.    Having just watched the docu-drama (BBC2)  about the 1918 flu pandemic, which killed an estimated 100 million people worldwide, it brings home the threat that a virus can bring to humanity.  The only country unaffected by the worldwide spread in 1918, was Australia, which brought in a a no entry policy and quarantined all ships. However, it took days if not weeks to travel in 1918; but now with air travel, it would take hours.  The experts estimate a good outcome of such a pandemic would be a 1% death rate,  which would be over half a million in the UK. Scary indeed.      :huh:

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