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Smart Meters

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On 12/19/2018 at 10:53 PM, Dizzy said:

Just a little word or warning but if any of you have elderly/vunerable relatives or neighbours maybe check if they have or are about to get smart meters fitted without their or their families knowledge. 

An elderly lady I know had a visit from British Gas last week who very kindly fitted her new free smart meters. 

Now then she is in her 90's, has dementia and they did it with JUST HER there.  Odd really as in the past her family have told them NOT to fit smart meters but somewhere along the line someone from BG must have asked her (either by phone or whatever) and 'presumed' she wanted or agreed to them even though she doesn't have a bloody clue what they are.  They have no record of an actual appointment being made though and all they can 'presume' is that maybe the person who read her meter 'in the past' mentioned it to her and put it through.
Surely there would be a record of that too though.  

Not very good that eh but on the plus side I suppose it means that nobody will have to call and read her meters now.  But then again family probably can't read them either now to check the actual use and bill or can they?

It will be interesting to see if her bill suddenly goes up though as happened with some people I know who had the damn things fitted.  BG do say they have sorted most of the problems out and they do work better now....we will see ! 

Off topic but it kind of annoys me when family complain about their elderly, who are not well yet live alone not being treated well by big companies. If their relative is not able to deal with things they should get together and look after them.

You see it in hospitals, elderly people proudly tell off their families who rarely if ever come, some come for 20 minutes then you do not see them for days.

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A nice thought milky, but the elderly tend to be belligerently independent and insistent that they can cope. I went through it with my mother who refused to admit that thing were getting beyond her as she got older. The lengths we had to go to to help keep her safe and at least looked after for an hour or so daily, often caused friction between her and the family. She was lucky in that we all cared for her so much and did our best.

Some elderly are not so lucky either having families who only acknowledge they exist at Christmas and birthdays or who live on the opposite side of the world.

Some are even less lucky in that they have no living relatives left to care for them but still admit that they are fine and can manage on their own.

"i survived a war so don't tell me i can't cope" was the usual phrase banded about by the elderly when i was growing up.


Just to keep the topic on smart meters with nothing running at all they will clock up about 28 pence per day per utility. so dual gas and electric will show 56 pence per day usage. (This is the standing charge plus vat per day)

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