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Town Hall flag

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I noticed today that the flag flying over the Town Hall wasn't the usual Union Flag, but instead it was a blue flag with a circular yellow motif (no it wasn't the EU flag). Does anyone know what it was?

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I've no idea Asp.  Maybe someone has climbed up there and changed the flag as some sort of protest...what sort of motif was it cos I can think of a few I'd like to put on a flag and hang there ha ha......just kidding.

I've just had a quick look on their website and their facelessbook page and couldn't see any mention about it on there.  I'm intrigued now...I might have to drive past later to see what it looks like.  

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2 hours ago, observer said:

Could it be the WRLFC flag ?    :wacko:

I thought that at first glance Obs, but it wasn't.

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10 hours ago, Dizzy said:

Does it look like this one Asp?  If so then it's the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games flag  :D


flag gold cost 2018 commonwealth.jpg

That's a possibility Dizzy, and would make sense.

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