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BBC keeping us in the dark...

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I have diligently watched the BBC saga Troy for the last 6 weeks ,& there are still 2 episodes left, expecting the series to spark into life but all we get to see are handfuls of soldiers who are no doubt intended to represent thousands ...even cgi would be an improvement.  The action is in short supply & the filming is done in the dark, for realism i suppose , but there is so much of the programme in darkness  that i'm sure the actors could ham it up just as effectively if it had been made as a radio production & saved the cost of sets & filming.

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Stopped watching after the first episode, after seeing the PC injected diversity. However, I accidently caught part of another episode, with an all female, multi-diverse cast, presumably based on mythical Amazons; which no doubt brought the whole joke up to date with some LGBT inclusion.  I suppose the only defence the BBC could have is that this is a mythical tale and thus poetic license can be given it's full range. Still, for history buffs, it's no more than a PC joke.      :rolleyes:

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