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That's it for tonight folks.  Thought you'd like this small collection.  Sorry about the quality but as you can see I have photographed a photo.

i have over 150 assorted photos of old Warrington from the 1920's to 1960s.

I will upload more over the coming days and weeks

I hope you enjoy them.


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Absolutely wonderful photos Mimocuja as are the ones you have posted on your other topics over the past couple of days.  

You are so very lucky to have them and thank you so much for sharing them on here for us all to see.  I'm loving them and can;t wait to see even more.

I'd love to be able to go back in time to those days and experience the excitement of things like the Coronation or even just to see how life was back in the older days on a normal day.  Would it worse than today or better I wonder ...I recon both but in different ways:D  

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Brilliant images, Mimocuja, and well done in posting them on here. I was thirteen at the time and all the streets in Warrington (and other towns and cities) held street parties for the young and old alike, TV was in it's infancy and not everyone had one so neighbours with sets would invite those without one in to their homes to watch the ceremony, it really was a wonderful atmosphere. Looking forward to seeing your other photos.


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