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2nd marriage

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How can you possibly fail in a second marriage?   Surely all you have to do is the exact opposite to that which you did in the first !!    It has worked perfectly for me.  

Come on guys, work with me, I'm struggling, Gary pleaded with me to post more, what can I do? !!

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Can't help you there still working at getting my first marriage right. (only been forty years but early days yet.)

still one thought occurs and that is a slight flaw with the logic of doing the exact opposite. If in your first marriage you were faithful an dutiful and it failed then being unfaithful etc would be the wrong way to go in the second surely.( but not always, seems some people go for the baddies in life, just like the soaps i suppose)

What makes a successful marriage is also a mystery to me. what works for me is that Mrs Sid does what she wants and so do i. (it's either that or get nagged until i do what she wants.)

In essence it is down to the individuals involved and what they expect from each other and how much they are willing to compromise.

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