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Central Station Car Park Fine

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I got caught in Bewsey Road a couple of weeks ago on the Saturday afternoon, I went to the Catalans game & parked in Sterling Cables old disused gateway & well away from the carriageway & where i and others have parked many times for night games.The yellow lines go straight on along the carriageway & don't even enter the gateway. Anyway i got a ticket but my appeal was dismissed on account of the yellow line were sufficient to cover the gateway. I paid up & soon realised that traffic wardens work on Saturdays ,but imagine my surprise to see the complete contradiction that has taken place in Longshaw Street. Near its junction with Folly Lane the council have taken away some of the pavement & put in parking bays for the residents....the double yellow lines from the junction cover 2 or 3 of the bays so i wonder what the difference is ?

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The parking bay specifically permits parking. Double yellow lines prohibit parking on the highway, from the centre-line of the carriageway to the edge of the footway, which counts as the highway for legal purposes. Double yellow lines also affect private roads as well as adopted roads, hence why they caught you on the access road. I would suspect though that parking beyond the line of the footway on the access road cannot be considered as covered by the yellow lines. Unfortunately I expect there are gates in just the wrong place.

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