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TRUMP elected 45th President of USA

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While we're in the mood for showing humerous clips regarding President Trump's maybe visit to the UK


Well, just goes to show that when it comes to satire, teh lefties have more, er, funny bone than the alt-right.

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Andrew Neil a lefty? I would have said that out of all the BBC staff he's the only one who's not. He comes across as even handed to me, dishing out scorn left and right.

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Nice one Asp !  But even if there had been none, any Nation is perfectly entitled to refuse entry to anybody it deems a risk without jumping through PC hoops with regard to ethnicity, religion or any other "isms". 

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More of a dictatorship, right up Trump's street really.


If that stuff about the terrorists from the banned countries is accurate it should help Trump in putting together a stronger executive order. A proper one.

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They don't really need to be slick, just know their trade, unlike the people who put the first one together.


Anyway before the wheels come off completely, thought it might be useful to record some notable points of the first 25 days of the Trumpocalypse. 


That’s right, it’s only been 25 days.



Trump lied (and still does) obsessively about the attendance at his inauguration.


“Alternative facts”, ‘nuff said.


That Twitter thing


Trump signs a raft of executive orders with a fanfare of publicity, then discovers there’s more to being President than signing bits of paper which may turn out to be less than useless.


Trump fires the acting Attorney General – Sally Yates had said that his immigration ban wasn’t legal, and she had warned Trump that Flynn had been compromised by Russia. She was vindicated on both counts.


Sean Spicer.


Trump considers himself, as kings used to do, to be above the law.


Trump pisses off the Australian Prime Minister


Conway’s “Bowling Green massacre”.


Trump uses his position to promote his daughter’s business.


Embarrassingly for the GOP, Trump keeps banging on about voter fraud.


That handshake thing.


Trump’s team discuss sensitive strategy about North Korea in front of waiters and paying diners (some of whom take photos) at his “Winter White House”, though this was ok as there were no reports of emails.


National Security Advisor resigns (weeks) after found to be telling fibs and breaking the law.


Stephen Miller.


(Still) no tax return.



If he wants to make America great again, the best thing he could do is resign.


The odds of Trump making it through his first term are now 11/10 with Ladbrokes, though these are likely to get shorter, any takers here?

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All good entertainment...


You're not wrong there, and the liberals are all, as they say, ROFLTAO.


Apart from making a pillock of himself at every turn, he's not really done anything.

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He's providing some good entertainment, and raising hackles in the liberal elite in the Washington bubble, incl the media.  Still, it could have been worse, with Hillary trying to prove  herself as macho as the next man; we         could be at war  with Russia.    :lol: 

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Hey Fugs, some more facts about the Donald that are emerging and you seem to have overlooked:


- Obama told Trump that bins night was Tuesday, when it's actually Thursday. Donald put the bins out two days early and was fined $100.

- Donald's favourite Indiana Jones film is Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. He also thought A Good Day To Die Hard was a "great movie, one of the best".
- Donald will sign an executive order this week to figure out, exactly, if wrestling is fixed.
- Donald's favourite Strictly Come Dancing professional is Anton du Beke.
- Donald thinks that you sue people for "liable".

- Donald's favourite piece of music is Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries", which he calls the "Kill the Wabbit song".
- Donald has changed the nuclear launch codes to "password", because he knows nobody will think of that.
- Donald believes Louis Walsh when he tells one of his X Factor acts that they're better than The Beatles.
- Donald swears he didn't order those films from Virgin Media, it was his brother Ronald.
- Donald thinks it's still called Emmerdale Farm.

- Donald thinks the White House microwave is a television. He loves that programme about the bowl of nachos.

- Donald thinks it's "lack toast and tolerant". And "peddle stool".
- Donald has launched an urgent Congressional Enquiry into how Toadfish from Neighbours' wife could come back from the dead after all these years when we all saw her go over that cliff in the car.
- Donald's mobile phone ring tone is Crazy Frog.
- Donald calls Loughborough "Looga-barooga"
:lol: :lol:

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