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"We need to take back control" 'IN' or 'OUT' ?

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I'm a realist, and the reality is that the powerfull global interests that control world events, simply won't allow us to leave. I've just read an article on how we could finish up having yet another

It's a failed project, made worse by an un-elected political elite who can't see beyond their narrow political aims, and is therefore un-reformable. However, it's proved a usefull proxy for establishi

If Merkel wanted us to be a team, she would have invited the young and unemployed from Spain, Greece, Portugal and other EU countries to fill her employee void, rather than encouraging the undocumente

Quite funny really; bad losers aren't in it; the kids are spitting their dummies out and having a real tantrum.  " Errm sorry, "NO means NO"!  yer can't have that ice cream; so shut up and get over it" .     :lol:

You're talking about people who have never been told "No" all through their lives, not at home, not at school, not in 'uni',not in whatever branch of the public sector they inhabit.

The N word must come as a shock.

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Wonder if you used to do your tantrums in the S/Market to the embarrassment of your Mum; and the poor woman couldn't smack you, as it wouldn't be PC ? !      :lol:


I dread to think what you and your mum used to get up to but hey ho, more of your crap to fill when you have no answers.

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Yesterday the BBC reported a meeting in Germany and how the EU are sticking together. They failed to mention an alternative meeting in Poland by ministers not invited to the meeting held by the German government which included the UK minister of finance, Spain Greece and the other Eastern EU countries like Hungry and Bulgaria.


I also read that the Nordic countries may break away and form an independent trading bloke


Would you like to see the UK join any of these countries in an arrangment?

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Sure we can form trading arrangements with anyone, just so long as it doesn't include the free movement of people or should that be labour.   Believe Iceland (not an EU member), has a trade agreement with China, and is now the biggest fish producer in the world - and even produces better footballers than us !    :lol:

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