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What does everyone think?


On one hand I agree that if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about, but isn't it true that if you tow the line you have nothing to worry about in Saudi Arabia either.


Yet hasn't the terrorist bill been used in all sort of ways that no one foresaw?

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I agree our security services do need more power, but on the other hand the UK public has more surveillance cameras than any other country, living in a democracy is about balance, public privacy against State control, I think the average UK citizen now appears on CCTV eleven times a day, has it made our country safer?

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Given some of the cctv stills shown by the police i am surprised they could recognise their own mother let alone the "suspect".


I do wonder though at what point it becomes too unweildy to manage or to be of any use.


On a lighter note if you get an isis flag put up in your yard you can rest assured that you will not get burgled as there will be surveilance from cid,fbi,cia mi 5 through 7 etc. just think of the savings on having your own system in place and on your house insurance. :mrgreen:

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