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New law on smoking in cars ?

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Just the ones who try to justify smoking in cars with children as passengers and those who feel the need to attempt to defend the indefensible actions and consequences of smoking.  I note Coffee will not answer the question most pertinent to the opening post which is , as a smoker(addict) would you or do you smoke in a car with a child as a passenger~?  Simple question yet always avoided.  I genuinely have no care or opinion of people who smoke away from folk who don't wish to be contaminated by their habit.  It isn't illegal, and there are loads of places to feed their habit away from young lungs.  Just want consideration for others.

ps.  been sniffing a glass of Glenfiddick for an hour now and feel no effects whatsoever, might as well drink it.


Wasn't going to answer this, let your blood pressure go high a bit more but I am taking pity on you, not sure why!


Not answered you because it is an irrelevant question, firstly it makes no difference to the debate, secondly I have no children, thirdly if I smoke in a car it is usually because I am either driving for long periods and or late at night it kind of gives me a boost


I smoked with a 12 year old in a car once though!

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I think sniffing kids as they walk past might attract a little more attention than someone smoking in their car to be honest :)

As someone who packed in smoking 30 years ago, all I can say is WIND YOUR HEADS IN AND STOP THIS STUPID VILLIFICATION OF SMOKERS. Second hand smoke is not the deadly killer that it has been made out t

I wouldn't have any sympathy for them at all. 

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