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330,000 this year.

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Antisthenes    36

I didn't expect you to support my point by providing a dictionary definition to prove it. None of them is fleeing war, persecution or natural disaster in Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary, Austria, Germany and now even Denmark. I have visited five of those countries and was quite happy to stay in each. The only place I recall a disappointing amount of litter was in one part of Copenhagen, but I wouldn't have used that as a reason to demand to leave like thousands of undocumented and unidentifiable people appear to have done along the whole route. Admittedly I didn't see any fighting or rioting on any of the Greek islands I visited either.

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asperity    271

problem for pedants is that they spend their life engrossed with the minutiae and neglect all that is actually important in life.  

In your opinion that is. A person's sloppy grasp of grammar could point to a sloppy grasp of life's realities.

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